Mixed-Use Building: Bryghusprojektet, Denmark, Copenhagen


Located at Bryghusgrunden, Copenhagen, Denmark, the Bryghusprojektet designed by OMA for local client, Realdania / Realea. This mixed-use building consists of Housing, Offices, DAC Danish Architecture Centre, Museum, Restaurant, Mechanical parking with area of 27,000sqm totally.

The Copenhagen harbour is experiencing a surge in development, transforming a previously under used natural asset into a new city-wide destination. The Bryghusgrunden site lies in the centre of this transformation. To capitalize on the site’s potential we propose to use the building as an ‘urban motor’ to actively link the city and the waterfront. Providing a connection under the busy Christians Brygge, where entrances to the different program elements are strategically located, the site becomes both a destination and a connector at the hinge of the waterfront and the ‘entrance’ to the city.




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