MILOS Hudson Yards: Timeless Greek Design & Cuisine

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Technical sheet

Name: MILOS Hudson Yards
Location: New York, NY, USA
Year: 2019
Area: 1,340 m2/ 15,000 ft2


Principal Architect: Alain Carle
Project Manager: Isaniel Lévesque
Landlord: Related Companies
Construction Manager: Clairemont Peconic

Architect of Record: David Bucovy Architect
Structure Engineer: Thornton Tomassetti
Mechanical Engineer: HNY Consulting Engineers
Kitchen Designer: Next Step Design

Lighting Designer: Lux and Veritas
Acoustic Designer: Cerami

In the heart of the bustling Hudson Yards development in New York, AtelierCarle has unveiled its latest architectural masterpiece – MILOS Hudson Yards. This remarkable restaurant, spanning the 5th and 6th floors of a commercial complex, seamlessly combines Greek tradition with contemporary design, offering a unique culinary and aesthetic experience like no other.

A Fusion of Cultures and Cuisine

With an established presence in iconic cities such as New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Montréal, London, and Athens, Estiatorio Milos has solidified itself as a beacon of Greek Mediterranean cuisine in North America. Now, in a splendid addition to its chain, the MILOS Hudson Yards restaurant stands tall as a testament to both culinary excellence and architectural innovation.

Architectural Harmony with the Locale

AtelierCarle’s collaboration with the chef-restaurateur has given birth to a design that elegantly melds the “recurring commercial” model with a deep reverence for the site’s unique characteristics. This design philosophy is a direct response to the locale, a true embodiment of architectural mindfulness.

Design Amidst Unconventional Spaces

The restaurant’s layout posed a challenge – a collection of irregular spaces due to technical constraints rather than a deliberate design approach. However, these irregularities turned into opportunities, offering breathtaking vistas of Manhattan’s West Side and the Hudson River from a succession of unexpected angles.

Ascending Culinary Delights

Upon stepping into MILOS Hudson Yards, guests are greeted by a symphony of circular elements, reminiscent of the simplicity found in Greek architecture. The journey begins on the 5th floor, home to a new wine bar, raw fish bar, and yogurt bar. A striking circular staircase, enveloping a cylindrical elevator space, elegantly connects the 5th and 6th floors.

A Dance of Curves and Heights

The main dining room on the 6th floor is a testament to AtelierCarle’s mastery. Circular motifs continue to dominate, mirroring the elevator tower’s presence below. The terraced layout echoes the curvature of the glass façade, artfully segmenting the open space into distinct zones.

A Journey to the Heights

The pinnacle of this spatial journey is the landing of the staircase – a dramatic zenith that ensures every corner of MILOS Hudson Yards is visible as soon as one enters. This design choice, reminiscent of the gradual inclines of Greek island villages, introduces a touch of nostalgia to the modern metropolis.

Timelessness in Every Detail

The ceiling’s centerpiece – a grand circular opening – commands attention, echoing the design philosophy of harmonizing with the existing environment. The kitchen, arranged in an “L” shape around the dining area, brings forth the essence of Greek simplicity and functionality.

Echoes of Greek Tradition

MILOS Hudson Yards draws inspiration from the rich legacy of Greek architecture, where organic compositions blend seamlessly with the landscape. Traditional materials like stone, concrete, and plaster anchor the design, echoing the timeless architecture of the Cyclades.

A Contemporary Ode to Tradition

AtelierCarle’s vision for MILOS Hudson Yards is not a mere replication of Greek architectural styles. Instead, it’s a contemporary interpretation, bridging the gap between past and present. This design choice ensures that guests don’t just experience a meal; they partake in the essence of the Greek way of life.

In conclusion, MILOS Hudson Yards is more than just a restaurant; it’s a journey through time and tradition, a space where Greek heritage finds a modern expression. AtelierCarle’s architectural ingenuity brings this concept to life, redefining not just dining, but the very experience of design itself.

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