Østfold Airport Region Master Plan by FUTUREPROOF


Project description of Østfold Airport Region Master Plan by FUTUREPROOF:
FUTUREPROOF was in September 2010 commissioned by Østfold Fylkeskommune to develop a masterplan for the areas surrounding Moss Airport Rygge in Norway. The submitted masterplan incorporates both a regional strategy for the region Østfold and a plan for the physical development of the airport’s surroundings. The plan strengthens the airport as the main infrastructure hub in the region without contributing to further urban sprawl. This is done by proposing a dense development with only the most necessary functions consolidated, such as hotel and conference facilities. As the regional strategy emphasizes, the main future development in the region should take place in the existing city centers.

In a region dominated by car transport, the strategy promotes the use of highly efficient rail based mass transportation methods. This is done through integration of transport infrastructure and compact building and zone placement. In that way, the Airport becomes a hub also for land based public transportation so that all modes are integrated in one terminal. The plan proposes to use the airport as the region’s interchange point between high speed rail and the regular inter-city trains that connects to all city centers. By doing so it would set the standard for sustainable infrastructure development in the rest of the region.

Østfold  Airport Region Master Plan

The masterplan proposal consists of a few individual elements that can be phased over time. The main elements are a terminal bridge across the highway connecting to a new train station, bus terminal, a hotel/conference complex, and further to a local center on the other side.
The site has the unique quality of having very close proximity between the regional and local conditions. The master plan defines the local and regional areas of the site radically different, by strengthening their existing characters. A long, main building divides the site in two areas: a regional side and a local side. The regional side consists of a rational transportation hub while the local side is a park development with public activities.



Main Building
The main building provides first of all a radical clarification of the regional and local side, at the same time it connects them.

Furthermore, the building has multiple attributes:

  • 1) It functions as a noise screen and increases the site’s value and environment on the local side.
  • 2) It optimizes sun conditions on the local side by creating terraces and public spaces.
  • 3) Programmatically it creates synergies between local and regional activities.
  • 4) The façade towards the airport would function as a media and information screen for the airport users.
  • 5) And the two facades of the building would complement each other by having solar panels on the local side powering the media facade on the regional side.

The main building accommodates hotel, conference and offices in the top part. The volume is split by an open lobby which consolidates the various public programs. A station and market hall is located on ground floor, together with logistics and storage facilities.

Terminal Bridge
The terminal bridge has the primary function of connecting the currently vacant site across the highway from the airport, and by doing that raising the value of future development significantly. Furthermore it connects to a proposed train station and bus terminal, which is decreasing the current need of driving by car to the airport. It also has added programs such as information services and cafes with spectacular views to the air strip.

Public Layer
A continuous public layer is established to ensure an efficient connectivity as well as orientation comfort. In addition to circulation zones the layer consists of diverse activities and topologies, such as a plaza, auditorium, and amphitheater.

Office / Housing Park
A further development of the project towards south would be a park consisting of smaller volumes with offices and housing. The park reconnects the area’s green belt.

Project title: Østfold Airport Region Masterplan
Partner in charge: Floire Nathanael Daub
Team: Johanne Borthne, Vilhelm Christensen, Floire Nathanael Daub, Thomas Smedsrud
Client: Østfold Fylkeskommune
Location: Rygge, Norway
Type: Masterplan, commission
Status: Ongoing
Program: Airport extension (conference hotel, offices, train station, retail, logistics, public space, market, culture, infrastructure)
Site: Given site ca. 1.000.000m2, developed area ca. 100.000m2
Project year: 2010
Images: FUTUREPROOF, unless stated otherwise.
Website: www.futureproof.no

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