Marthagården Day Care Centre in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen / by LETH & GORI

A team consisting of Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, Leth & Gori Architects, Marianne Levinsen Landscape with Henrik Larsen and Jørgen Nielsen engineers have won the competition for Marthagården day care centre in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

Marthagården Day Care Centre in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen / by LETH & GORI

The project includes the renovation and transformation of two existing buildings and an extension facilitating groups of children and workshops. Furthermore the project offers a remodeling of the exterior landscape and playground.

Marthagården Day Care Centre in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen / by LETH & GORI

Today Marthagården has a special atmosphere and identity, being a small scale day care centre in a protected environment characterized by two listed urban villas in a luscious garden. This identity, or “Marthagården-ness”, is preserved and strengthened in the new project in a variety of ways. The new building does not extend on the structures of the existing villas, but instead makes the connection underground, preserving the identity of the freestanding villas. New unique indoor and outdoor spaces for the day care centre are created by making levels between landscape and building accessible – for example a sunken courtyard and a roof playscape. This way the project introduces a series of new worlds to Marthagården with individual atmospheres and potentials that supplement the existing qualities of the site.

Marthagården Day Care Centre in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen / by LETH & GORI

The new Marthagården is a day care centre with an enormous diversity of spaces for playing, learning and relaxing that support the physical and educational development of the children.

To feel at home, the new project creates recognizable safe environments for the children, rich in character and identity. Marthag̴rden will be a day care centre that integrates architecture, design, nature and technology with thought to the individual child Рan inclusive community with a place for everyone.

Marthagården Day Care Centre in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen / by LETH & GORI

“The project challenges the tradi – tional way of designing day care centres and creates new architecture, functions and coherence. The project makes way for new ways to work with the children and the architecture supports new ways of organising children and adults along with new values in the approach to
what constitute a good day care centre.”

”With a thorough analysis of the spacial principals of the existing buildings, the qualities of these are clarified with a few significant architectural ideas that carefully creates a subtle link between old and new.”

”…an interesting meeting between old and new through an innovative approach in tying together the buildings and the different levels of the site.”

– Quotes from the jury rapport

The winning project was developed by a team of Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter [full-service consultant], Leth & Gori Architects, Marianne Levinsen Landskab,
Henrik Larsen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma og Jørgen Nielsen Rådgivende Ingeniører.

The competition for Marthagården was organized by the Municipality of Frederiksberg and Diakonisse Stiftelsen. Five participating teams were prequalified. The project by Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, Leth & Gori Arkitekter, Marianne Levinsen Landscape, Henrik Larsen Engineering Consultants, Jorgen Nielsen Consulting Engineers was selected as the winner by a unanimous jury.

The Clients are Frederiksberg Ejendomme og Diakonissestiftelsen. Diakonissestiftelsen is an independent institution run by the Danish Deaconess, who owns the buildings. Frederiksberg Municipality has an operating agreement with the Danish Deaconess, and thus handles the enrollment of children and the educational supervisory duties. Coordination of the building project is undertaken by FK Ejendomme on behalf of both clients.

The adress of Marthagården is Peter Bangsvej 10-12, 2000 Frederiksberg. The existing site and day care consist of two listed villas and a lush garden
characterized by several large old trees.

The project meets the energy class 2015 requirements.

It is expected that Marthagården will be completed in the summer of the 2013

Existing buildings approx.750m2 and a new building approx. 350m2 All in all 1100 m2

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