Marisa House, Valencia / by Luis de Garrido

Casa Marisa, Valencia / by Luis de Garrido

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It is rehabilitating a home built in a protected area of high ecological value. The planning regulations can not build outside the existing perimeter of the building, and only enables the rehabilitation of the building.

The existing building was built with load-bearing walls of 12 cm. thick, made of ceramic bricks. The condition was lamentable, and no worse than the architectural structure and distribution of spaces.

Casa Marisa, Valencia / by Luis de Garrido
by Luis de Garrido

Therefore, it was decided to “build a building within a building. ” That is, it has left intact the existing perimeter load bearing wall, and has been used as a road outside the new structure. That is, rather than rehabilitate housing, has built a new one, preserving the shape’s perimeter before.

Therefore, and given that the building wanted to be built in large part by homeowners, has chosen to make the new structure supporting the building blocks based Ytong. Aerated concrete blocks of extremely light weight, large size and easy handling (you can cut with a hacksaw.)

Casa Marisa, Valencia / by Luis de Garrido
by Luis de Garrido

The architectural structure of the new building, in addition to complying with the program owners, allows perfect operation bioclimatic housing, and integrates perfectly into the perimeter of the envelope is preserved architecture.

Casa Marisa
Luis García y Marisa Gimenez
El Vedat. Torrent. Valencia
195.000 euros

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