Maribor Art Gallery, Slovenia / by Design Initiatives

MARIBOR ART GALLERY, Slovenia / by Design Initiatives

Design Initiatives shared with us another project, an entry in international competition for 17,800 m2 new building of the Maribor Art Gallery in Maribor, Slovenia. The complex and heterogeneous program includes galleries for permanent collection of modern and contemporary visual art and periodical exhibitions (5,200m2), children’s center (750 m2), design center (450 m2), live-work creative center (1700 m2), lecture room, library, catering (700 m2), offices, depository, and underground parking garage.

MARIBOR ART GALLERY, Slovenia / by Design Initiatives
by Design Initiatives

In addition to animate forms we manipulate movement in order to induce the production of new urban life.

Because of the substantial 6m slope of the site, the access to the building is designed from two different levels. Our study of pedestrian traffic density led to a main entrance from Drava River embankment and pier. At the same level ±0 is also the connection to existing parking garage under the Market. The other pedestrian entrance is from the existing street level +4m. The two cross intersected access paths merge into one multistory concourse plaza. It serves also as distributing hub, outdoor lobby, service center, and check point.

MARIBOR ART GALLERY, Slovenia / by Design Initiatives
by Design Initiatives

The urban scheme of the Museum building is inspired by the typical Maribor city block of perimeter buildings surrounding enclosed plaza/courtyard. Gradual spaces of covered plaza/lapidarium and open outdoor plaza connect the


type : culture
location : Maribor, Slovenia
date : February, 2010
status : competition
client : Municipality of Maribor, Association of Architects of Maribor

area : 15,180 sq.m.
credits : Vlado Valkof – project architect, Anne Valkof – designer, Rumen Yotov – rendering


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