Maharam de México Showroom / by usoarquitectura

© Maharam de México

A showroom is a big challenge both for the client and the designer. The first wants all his products and services as the most important issue of the interior design language. The second has to find the way to translate his clients solicitudes into a harmonic ambiance where a third person —the client´s client— most feel even better.

This famous client´s client, when visiting a showroom may be catalogued in these categories: the curious, the undecided, the impatient, the passionate and the professional. The interior design has to be developing in a language easy to understand to the visitors; therefore in Maharam de México showroom the challenge was even bigger. It had to combine the interaction between the wide varieties of products available all time for 5 different kinds of visitors, and the day to day activities.

© Maharam de México

Usoarquitectura aimed into developing a project in which the products exhibit did not saturate Maharam de México collaborators or their clients. With the wide variety of colors and textures there was a risk to end up submerged in a textile sea, but the design team generated a proposal that transmit tranquility and calls for a long stay.

Samples and catalogues have leading roles in this showroom. The quest for the harmony between them in the exhibit was a mayor task, as they all have to be in order all the time no matter the big amount and variety of sizes. With all these on mind, usoarquitectura´s team started searching for the correct language to transmit all these emotions. The personality and atmosphere of the space was the result of the translation into a musical selection that gave the final notes to this project.

© Maharam de México

The result is shown in a one of a kind showroom in Mexico that stands against any of its kind in the world. The trust deposited by Maharam de México directors in usoarquitectura is shown in the tiniest details. It is nice to see how a small sample of material or wallpaper, which could seem ordinary, when taking a risk achieves extraordinary.

Usoarquitectura´s scrupulous design allowed the development of an efficient showroom where day to day activities happen without disturbing the exhibit and where the visitor founds a daring and sophisticated proposal to make him live an extraordinary experience.

Project: Gabriel Salazar y Fernando Castañón
Associates: Nyra Troyce, Gerardo Gavito y Víctor Acoltzi
Photography: Courtesy de Maharam de México
Year: 2007


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