Looping Bridge, Alicante / by bgstudio

Alicante is a city that grew overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Looping Bridge, Alicante / by bgstudio

“Pasarela del Postiguet” is an essential element that connects its urban center with the sea, spanning the Juan Bautista Lafora avenue which, with its intense traffic, presents a true visual and physical barrier between the beach promenade and the city. In this way Pasarela becomes an important link in the life of people of Alicante.

Our intervention consists in adaptation of a 20 year old structure, on one side making it more appropriate to present technical and functional requirements, and on other side redefining its aesthetic language into a symbol of the values that city of Alicante aspires to transmit: elegance and modernity.

Sculptural form of the new Pasarela del Postiguet was inspired by lightness of fresh mediterranean breeze, smoothness of the spiraling movement with which Pasarela descends from the hillside to the beach, and the dramatic forces that drive sailing boats at the horizon.

The existing metal structure was first completely restored and protected and then wrapped into a new, continuously curving, skin which changes its section along the entire length of the pasarela.

Looping Bridge, Alicante / by bgstudio
© Javier Guijarro Tortosa

The skin consists of modules of plastic reinforced with resin and glass fiber ( FRP ). This material not only creates an astounding play of lights and reflection, but also has numerous advantages for this type of application, including very low weight, easy installation and its good resistance to mechanical impact and corrosion. Linear LED lighting is laid along the interior face of the modules which endows this sculptural object with a unique and dynamic identity.

Architects: Susana Iñarra, Marin Marinovic
Project Team: Alex Ayala Architect, Nenad Katic Architect, Mónica Espí Architect, Juan Moreno. Engineer
Location: Avenida Juan Bautista Lafora. Alicante.Spain
Client: Ayuntamiento de Alicante / City Council of Alicante
Contractor: Ecisa Construcciones SA
Composites factory: Talleres Xuquer SL
Photographer:Javier Guijarro Tortosa

Web: www.bg-studio.com

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