Longting Restaurant: A Fusion of Comfort and Innovation

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WIT Design & Research has designed a unique mixed-cuisine restaurant named Longting Restaurant at the Rong Hui International Building, located between Beijing’s West Second Ring Road and West Fourth Ring Road. The aim of the project was to create a comfortable dining space that can cater to the financial technology industry’s requirements and offer an ideal dining option to related staff. The restaurant design was focused on finding innovative solutions to several challenges, such as a lack of natural lighting, structural columns throughout the space, effective use of the irregular spaces, and enabling larger dining scenarios. The design team achieved its goals by creating a softly-lit and comfortable space that provides culinary comfort, physical comfort, psychological comfort, and visual comfort to its diners.

Longting Restaurant The Longting Restaurant’s design has significantly boosted the restaurant’s follow-up operations, and during the three-year epidemic period, its operating results were relatively good compared to other restaurants in the area. With the epidemic restrictions being lifted, the restaurant’s evening business hours are consistently full. The restaurant design has also had a positive impact on the building complex itself, as many of the office managers in the building have adopted Longting as their daily business reception location.

The restaurant’s design challenges included creating a natural environment in a business-oriented office building, incorporating seven different open-air cuisine stations on the first floor while maintaining their individual characteristics and attractiveness, and utilizing a 2500 square meter seating area with 80% of the dining space located on sub-ground floors with no natural light. To solve these challenges, the designers incorporated the outdoor atrium into the restaurant’s design and used digital technology to simulate an ever-flowing waterfall and pool in the space.

The Longting Restaurant‘s design has received positive feedback from diners who appreciate the restaurant’s comfortable and natural environment. The design has become a new demand driver for contemporary restaurants, with people needing to dine at specific times in atmospheres that deepen and enrich their relationships. Longting is the best restaurant in their chain in terms of design sense, which has helped improve their operations, and it has met the area’s need for high-end dining and daily needs of customers.

In conclusion, the Longting Restaurant‘s design has successfully created a comfortable and natural dining space that meets the needs of the financial technology industry and related staff. The design’s innovative solutions have enabled the restaurant to cater to larger dining scenarios, provide private dining rooms, and create an open-air dining experience that maintains individual cuisine station characteristics. The restaurant’s design has become a new demand driver for contemporary restaurants, and its success has positively impacted the building complex itself.

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Project Information
Project Name: Longting Restaurant (Ronghui)
Owner Information: LongtingBoyue
Project Location: Ronghui International Building, Xie Street Gaoliang Bridge, Haidian District, Beijing
Project area: 3500?
Interior Design: WIT Design & Research
Lighting Design: PRO Lighting Consultant
Design team: Zhenhua Luo, Gongpu Zhao, Yanli Zhang, QianxuanNiu, Rui Tao, Lin Yang, Changxin Tian, Wenyi Chen
Illustration Design: Bo Dan
Project photography: 1000-Degree Vision, Fei Gao
Copywriting planning: NARJEELING
Project planning: Le Brand Strategy agency

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