Living Famalicão, Portugal by dEMM arquitectura

dEMM living Famalicao by dEMM arquitectura, Isabela Neves

Project description of Living Famalicão, Portugal by dEMM arquitectura:
Living Famalicão is located on a traditionally commercial street in the North Portugal small town of Famalicão. As a consolidated urban area, the facade is brought to the plot limit, reinforcing the street profile. The building is composed by five shops on the ground floor and 35 apartments spread over 6 floors above. The apartments share a common atrium, in the ground floor, from where three vertical accesses distribute to the upper floors displaced along an open corridor to the interior garden. The rectilinear regularity of the facade geometry, evidencing the balconies with shadows, is contrasted by the projection of the interior area of three apartments, characterizing the street corner with a sculptural approach.

Architects: dEMM arquitectura, Isabela Neves 

Collaborators: Manuel Pais Vieira, Paulo Fernandes da Silva
Location: Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal

Structural Engineering: Gepec
Contractor: J. Camilo
Constructed Area: 11.000 sqm

Project Year: 2006-2008

Images: dEMM arquitectura

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