Little Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

Luxury Bedroom

For those of us with expensive tastes, the prospect of spending the night in a luxury hotel is something to get really excited about. There is just something about the crisp, clean bed sheets and the aromatic fragrance of a hotel room that makes you feel like you have not got a care in the world, if only for a few hours. Unfortunately, treating yourself to luxury does not come cheap. Unless paid for by your better half or won in a competition, such a stay might fall outside your price range. If this sounds like you, there are certain ways that your own bedroom can be converted to simulate a night in even the most luxurious hotel. Read on to find out how!

1. Lighting

The first thing one should consider when looking to give a bedroom that luxury-hotel-room feel is the lighting. Hotels often make use of lightbulbs that emit a softer light than those which are commonly used in a normal bedroom at home. It is also true that wall lighting and bedside lamps are commonly used in a hotel setting to take away any harsh edges. This type of lights and bulbs afford the room a much warmer and cosier feel.

2. Bed Frame

The central feature of any upmarket hotel room is the bed and the sense of decadence it can invoke. Spare no expense when it comes to choosing abed frame. A sturdy yet stylish frame made from high-quality wood will add that little something extra when it comes to creating that sense of decadence that you are aiming for. Together with tasteful oak or pine bed heads, a top-of-the-range bed setup can make all the difference in your effort to create a space that is fit for a king or queen.

3. Bedding and Pillows

The quality of sleep that is enjoyed in a luxury hotel room is not easily replicate elsewhere. However, if you aim to come close, the bedding which you make your bed can make all the difference. Purchase some top-of-the-range bed linen with a high thread count to give the sleepers maximum comfort between the sheets. Pillows should be high-quality goose down, and try employing the old hotelier’s trick of covering the mattress with three layers of sheets to give a sensation of ultimate indolence.

4. Colour Scheme

Hotels employ interior designers who are experts at creating colour schemes that never fail to set the occupants of a room at ease from the very first minute. The key to achieving a similar effect is to design a colour scheme that is based on whites, beiges, and pastel colours. These colours will instil a feeling of peacefulness and relaxation that make it easy for you to drift off when the time comes.

If you follow the principles described above, you can recreate a stay in even the most luxurious of hotels every night, and you will likely never feel the urge to splash out on a hotel room again.

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