Link Lab: Belgium’s Creative Haven Unleashed!

In the heart of Kortrijk, Belgium, a dormant commercial space has metamorphosed into the vibrant Link Lab Creative Offices, a brainchild of Stay Studio & Markland Architects. Awarded the prestigious Workplace Small category at the World Architecture Festival, this innovative workspace is more than just an office—it’s a collaborative platform for diverse creative minds.

The Platform Concept: Breaking Boundaries in Design

At the core of Link Lab’s interior design is the concept of a platform. Unlike traditional offices, there’s no claim to individual spaces; instead, designers from various agencies fluidly share the expansive floor. The absence of branding and demarcation fosters a collaborative environment where ideas seamlessly intersect. The space serves not only as offices but also as a hub for architectural workshops, networking events, and insightful lectures.

Preserving Heritage with a Modern Twist

Entering via a nostalgic escalator, reminiscent of the space’s retail past, visitors encounter an open central area that multitasks as a waiting zone, reception space, and speaker’s corner. Embracing the heritage, the design retains the shell of the space, enhancing unity with acoustic spray plaster on walls and ceilings. Visible ventilation ducts add an industrial charm, emphasizing the authenticity of the environment.

Eco-Friendly Minimalism: Transparent Solutions for Privacy

Striking a balance between openness and privacy, the designers opted for transparent walls and doors made from greenhouse construction, providing discrete spaces for workshops and meetings. Even the electrical wiring follows an industrial theme, aligning with eco-friendly principles. This minimalist approach not only promotes sustainability but also complements the space’s bold aesthetic.

Contrasts That Define Character

Link Lab’s interior is a symphony of contrasts—industrial minimalism harmonizing with high-quality finishes. From rich veneers and marble to custom furniture and designer pieces, the space exudes both boldness and character. This intentional duality ensures a welcoming atmosphere that resonates with a diverse clientele.

Global Recognition: Triumph at the World Architecture Festival

Link Lab members, representing Stay Studio and Markland, showcased their prowess on the international stage at the World Architecture Festival and World Festival of Interiors in Singapore. The Sky, a finalist in the “Future Projects – Residential” category, and their new office, a Workplace (Small) category winner, exemplify excellence in design and innovation.

Simon Adriaenssens of Stay tudio proudly presented their award-winning project to an international jury, solidifying Link Lab Creative Offices as the best office under 1,000 m2. Nigel Coates, director of the World Festival of Interiors, bestowed the well-deserved honor, marking a triumphant moment in the global design landscape.

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