Light Magic: CUNDESIGN’s Unique Home Marvel

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Project Name: Box of Light
Project Location: Beijing, China
Project Area: 1000 m2
Design Firm: CUN DESIGN (
Chief Designers: Cui Shu & Na Mula
Design Date: October 2021
Completion Date: April 2023

A Response to Mass-Produced Housing Trend

In the rapidly evolving world of real estate development, housing has become a commodity, often neglecting the personalized needs of its inhabitants. Box of Light, a project by CUNDESIGN situated in Heguangchenyue, emerges as a beacon of uniqueness and high-quality development, challenging the blurred identity of mass-produced homes.

Aesthetic Advancements Through Light

Embracing the profound impact of natural light on architecture, Box of Light stands out by making light the undeniable protagonist of its space. Architect Cui Shu intricately integrates light, using it as a medium to transform spaces and reshape the overall aesthetic experience, marking a departure from repetitive styles.

Redefining Family Living Spaces

The five-story villa is thoughtfully divided into two parts, with the first three floors dedicated to family living and dining. The entrance, featuring a double-height foyer and expansive L-shaped floor-to-ceiling windows, creates a visually stunning and infinitely extended space, blending interior and courtyard scenery seamlessly.

Underground Sanctuaries and Futuristic Elements

Delving into the subterranean depths, Box of Light surprises with underground floors designed as a sanctuary for the homeowner’s inner self. Cui Shu’s meticulous spatial arrangement, coupled with sophisticated architectural techniques, results in an ethereal bar space and a teahouse that merges leisurely living with poetic ambiance.

In Conclusion

Box of Light by CUNDESIGN is not just a dwelling; it’s a testament to the fusion of architectural brilliance and the essence of daily life. With a focus on personalized living experiences, this project sets the stage for future ‘box’ series endeavors, promising further exploration into the concept of ‘home’ in residential designs.

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