Liander Westpoort: A Sustainable Architectural Marvel in Amsterdam

The recently inaugurated Liander Westpoort in Amsterdam, Netherlands stands as a testament to sustainable architecture and design excellence. Designed by renowned agency De Zwarte Hond, this state-of-the-art facility showcases a unique blend of eco-consciousness, flexibility, and industrial aesthetics. With a focus on the architect and design concept, let’s delve deeper into the innovative features that make Liander Westpoort a remarkable addition to the Amsterdam skyline.

Architectural Brilliance

1. Sustainable Regional Office with Wooden Construction

Liander Westpoort embraces sustainability through its circular and flexible design. The use of timber construction throughout the premises, including the office building, workshops, warehouses, test facilities, educational buildings, and parking facilities, underscores its commitment to eco-friendly practices. By employing sustainable materials and minimizing the use of harmful substances such as glue and sealant, the architects have created a healthy and environmentally conscious working environment.

2. Industrial Architecture

The rhythmic alternations of buildings and interspaces resemble a barcode, evoking memories of industrial architecture’s peak moments. Each component of the complex, including the work buildings and storage areas, has been meticulously designed to form a robust ensemble that blends seamlessly with the surroundings. This approach combines aesthetics with functionality, ensuring a harmonious integration of Liander Westpoort within the Amsterdam Westpoort landscape.

3. Inspiring Interiors and Collaborative Spaces

Inside the office building, an inviting interior with a large atrium and wooden central staircases fosters collaboration and interaction. The use of a unique “wandering staircase” that connects different floors at various locations creates an exciting and adventurous ambiance, encouraging employees to explore and engage with their surroundings. Liander Westpoort is not just a workspace; it’s a place that encourages creativity and meaningful connections.

Design Concept

1. Exemplary Sustainability

Liander Westpoort sets a new benchmark for sustainable architecture. It operates as a gas-free and energy-neutral facility, thanks to an extensive solar panel system spanning 3,435m² and thermal energy storage. The timber construction of the building has resulted in the storage of 560 tonnes of CO², showcasing its commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Moreover, the project emphasizes cost reduction and material reuse, contributing to a circular economy.

2. Biodiversity and Nature-Inclusive Design

With a strong emphasis on nature, Liander Westpoort boasts a biodiverse landscape plan that harmonizes with the surrounding environment. Abundant greenery, accounting for 30% of the building facades, creates a habitat for insects, birds, amphibians, and small mammals. The on-site rainwater storage system ensures sustainable water usage for plant irrigation. The integration of nature within the premises enhances the well-being of both occupants and the ecosystem.

3. A Circular and Climate-Adaptive Environment

Liander Westpoort aligns with the vision of a circular, climate-adaptive future. By choosing sustainability and transparency, Alliander, the parent company, demonstrates its commitment to responsible corporate practices. The regional office encompasses three Alliander companies – Liander, Qirion, and Kenter – collectively working towards a sustainable energy transition. This architectural marvel showcases a holistic approach to environmental stewardship, setting an example for other organizations to follow.


Liander Westpoort stands tall as a symbol of sustainable architecture and design ingenuity. The collaborative efforts of De Zwarte Hond, along with other key partners, have resulted in a visually stunning and environmentally conscious regional office. From its wooden construction and industrial aesthetics to its inspiring interiors and nature-inclusive design, every aspect of Liander Westpoort showcases a commitment to a greener future. As Amsterdam welcomes this architectural masterpiece,

Technical sheet

Collaborators: DGMR, Coare Architectuur, IMD Raadgevende Ingenieurs, De Urbanisten
Photo credit: Scagliola Brakkee, Jacques Tillma
Use of images is permitted only with credits: De Zwarte Hond.

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