Le Coeur in Ashikaga, Japan / by StudioGreenBlue

Le Coeur in Ashikaga, Japan / by StudioGreenBlue
© StudioGreenBlue

This is an extension work of the patisserie “Le Coeur”. We built a new building where we can use as both workshop and takeout shop beside head shop. The client requested to keep existing image and also wants to show the patissier makes confectioneries to customers. And he wants to have sense of distance between patissier and customers.

Le Coeur in Ashikaga, Japan / by StudioGreenBlue

Abundant trees are around the premises. Vacant lands were born between this building, the existent building and car parking. We arranged natures as plants, lights, shadows and the water. And then, stand “poles using a motif of tree” to divide that area and the path mildly.

On the side of façade where the customers can see the patissier, the position between customers and patissier became very close because of the client’s demand. So we stand “poles which are projected tree enlarges its twigs”, these made moderate distance and look like candy art on a white cake.

Lights through the poles make expressive faces from lights and shadows on the wall and the surface of the water. Those faces are altered by winds, weathers, seasons, and time. Sometimes the blue sky and white clouds are reflected in those faces. As a result, those welcome customers with its beautiful face.

Le Coeur

Team:Mitsuharu Kojima × Wataru Kobayashi

Web: www.greenblue.jp

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