LaMercedes: Barcelona’s Urban Revival Hub

Batlleiroig, a trailblazer in urban design, presents Ecodistrict laMercedes, a transformative venture breathing life into the old Mercedes-Benz factory. This project not only redefines economic and residential dynamics but also spearheads urban rejuvenation in Bon Pastor and Besòs, now the beating heart of Barcelona.*

From Wheels to Innovation Hub

Witness the metamorphosis of a once-quiet 9ha industrial site, the former Mercedes-Benz factory. Closed 15 years ago, it’s now poised to blend residential and tertiary uses, fostering innovation and industry 4.0. Preserving historic industrial structures, this sustainable complex emerges as a new social hub.

Connecting Communities, Preserving Heritage

Breaking barriers between diverse neighborhoods, LaMercedes acts as a crossroads for two urban axes. It knits together disparate areas, creating a new centrality that honors both architectural and social history. The reuse of existing buildings preserves the industrial legacy, integrating cultural and educational spaces.

A Symphony of Living, Working, and Learning

LaMercedes isn’t just a district; it’s a lifestyle. Combining housing, affordable and free, with economic activities, services, and industry 4.0, it fosters a synergy of innovation and knowledge. This mixed-use neighborhood redefines living spaces, promoting collaboration and community.

In the fight against climate change, LaMercedes stands as an urban oasis. Green infrastructure, intelligent mobility systems, and pedestrianized spaces create a sustainable haven. This inclusive city planning transcends the urban realm, embracing social, economic, and environmental facets.

As Batlleiroig forges ahead, Ecodistrict laMercedes promises not just a district but a living, breathing testament to inclusive urbanism. It’s a canvas where the past meets the future, and Barcelona’s heartbeat pulses stronger than ever.

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