La Tierce Lakeside Residence / Atelier BOOM-TOWN

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Nestled on the edge of a beautiful Laurentian lake, a new residence has been constructed to take advantage of the stunning natural surroundings. Designed to blend seamlessly into the sloping lot, the building is comprised of three main volumes, each featuring a classic typology and a gable roof. The use of oxidized cedar boards in their construction gives them the appearance of rural buildings from a bygone era.

The connecting spaces between the volumes feature a flat roof with an exposed glued laminated timber beam structure. This space provides connections to the surrounding environment, offering panoramic and close-up views of the lake, trees, and rocky cliffs. The resulting sense of place creates a space for observation and contemplation. The flat roof extends into a panoramic terrace and a loggia, allowing for a diverse range of outdoor experiences that enhance the occupant’s connection with the natural environment.

The two volumes that project onto the slope leading down to the lake feature protected outdoor terraces on a natural plateau. Despite a dense covering of vegetation, the shimmering and lapping of the water can still be heard, creating an immersive experience for the occupants.

The project has been designed with a focus on the well-being of its users and the environment. It incorporates ten geothermal wells to provide energy for its air conditioning and heating systems, while the orientation and design of the roof sections allows for the harnessing or restriction of the sun’s thermal gains. Local products and materials have been used wherever possible, including for the wall cladding and glulam structure.

The architects have prioritized the relationship between the building and the landscape, with a design that is sensitive to the natural topography and vegetation. The result is a building that emerges delicately from the landscape, creating a harmonious connection between the interior and exterior spaces.

The residence provides an intimate and diversified relationship with nature, with spaces that offer different orientations and points of view. The designers have created a space for the occupants to observe and interact with the surrounding environment, while also providing comfortable and functional living spaces.

The use of local materials and products also highlights the architects’ commitment to sustainability and the local community. By choosing materials that are readily available in the area, they have minimized the environmental impact of the construction process while also supporting local businesses.

In addition to its aesthetic and ecological qualities, the residence is also highly functional, with spaces that are designed to accommodate the needs of its occupants. The three main volumes house the core of the architectural program, including living spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms, while the connecting spaces provide circulation and access to the outdoor areas.

Overall, the project is a stunning example of contemporary architecture that embraces and celebrates its natural surroundings. With its commitment to sustainable living and local materials, it serves as an inspiration for future projects that seek to create a harmonious balance between the built environment and the natural world.

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Technical data

General contractor: Bois & Nature Construction

Exterior siding: Maxi-Forêt / Cemfort / MAC architectural
Interior siding: Juste du Pin

Engineered wood: Nordic Structure inc.

Wood floor: Unik Parquet
Cabinetry: Atelier Boisteck
Stairs: Escalier Maxime Lauzon
Doors & windows: Fabelta
Plumbing: Espace Plomberium
Ceramics: Ramacieri Soligo / Ciot / Lifestyle
Photographer: Raphaël Thibodeau

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