Komera Leadership Center: Empowering Rwanda’s Community

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BE_Design is thrilled to introduce the Komera Leadership Center, an outstanding facility nestled in the rural eastern province of Rwanda. This remarkable center serves as a beacon of hope, offering health, education, and mentorship programs for young women while also fostering family development initiatives and community gatherings. Strategically located across from the village football pitch, the Leadership Center has become a vital hub for the local residents, providing a platform for growth and empowerment.

Architectural Brilliance and Design Concept

At the heart of the Komera Leadership Center lies a versatile space that adapts effortlessly to the diverse range of activities and programs desired by the community. This flexible area serves as either a gathering hall or can be transformed into a series of classrooms. Key to this adaptability are the large, hinging translucent panels that elegantly redefine the space. By closing these panels, three classrooms are created. When opened at a 90-degree angle, they form a spacious meeting hall for the community. Finally, by opening the panels to a full 270 degrees, the area becomes a grand venue for larger events, such as performances and ceremonies. To further enhance functionality, adjacent storage spaces have been incorporated, enabling seamless transitions between different spatial configurations.

The architectural elements of the center pay homage to the region’s rich heritage, with inspiration drawn from traditional “Imigongo” art. The roof forms, woven eucalyptus screens, and brick patterns all reflect this influence. Embodying the spirit of the Rwandan word “Komera,” meaning “to stand strong and have courage,” the design choices imbue the center with a sense of cultural identity and resilience. Additionally, the large roof serves as a unifying element, connecting the administration, health and counseling, classrooms and gathering spaces, as well as the kitchen and dining areas. The abundance of covered exterior spaces created by this design fosters opportunities for breakout classes and informal meetings. The inclusion of large eucalyptus screens not only provides shade but also imparts a feeling of enclosure and privacy to the outdoor areas, ensuring a serene environment for learning and collaboration.

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Collaboration and Sustainable Development

In collaboration with Rwanda Village Enterprises (RVE), BE_Design prioritized local sourcing of materials during the construction of the Komera Leadership Center. By utilizing locally available resources, the project not only showcases the region’s natural beauty but also supports the local economy. Furthermore, BE_Design demonstrated their commitment to empowering women by maintaining an average female representation of 40% within the local workforce. Through on-site skilled labor training, fair income, savings accounts, provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety gear, and imparting marketable construction skills, the project uplifted the community while leaving a lasting impact.

From conception to completion, the voices and contributions of the local community were integral to the success of the Komera Leadership Center. BE_Design worked closely with the residents, ensuring their vision was realized and their needs were met. By prioritizing community engagement and involvement, the center serves as a testament to the collective strength and determination of the people it serves.


The Komera Leadership Center in Kayonza, Rwanda, stands as an exceptional embodiment of community and education. Designed by BE_Design, this facility not only offers health, education, and mentorship programs for young women but also serves as a space for family development initiatives and community gatherings. Inspired by traditional Rwandan art and built with sustainable principles, the center showcases the region’s cultural heritage while fostering empowerment and growth. Through collaboration with the local community and a commitment to women’s empowerment, the Komera Leadership Center has become a symbol of resilience, courage, and progress in Rwanda’s eastern province.

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