KLOSS: Transforming Recycling with Playful Modularity

A Fun & Sustainable Solution

Meet KLOSS, the revolutionary modular recycling furniture system that’s turning recycling into an enjoyable, creative endeavor. Imagine kids’ building blocks evolved into a sophisticated system designed by Kauppi & Kauppi for TreCe, set to make a grand debut at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023 during Stockholm Design Week.

Inspired by Playfulness

Drawing inspiration from the cherished memories of building blocks, KLOSS aims to mirror that joyous playfulness. It’s not just furniture; it’s a catalyst for creative play within the realms of interior design and architecture! This innovative system doesn’t just occupy space; it becomes an integral part of any setting, fostering a recycling culture that’s both accessible and practical.

Modularity at its Core

The heart of KLOSS lies in its three steel modules, each possessing distinct shapes and visual aesthetics. These modules stand alone or come together in countless formations, offering adjustable legs or wheels and boasting a variety of open tops with soft-closing lids. Their adaptability is unmatched—disassemble, reassemble, and create fresh configurations effortlessly!

Designing for Function & Sustainability

Functional, durable, and adaptable, KLOSS embodies a sustainable ethos. It’s not just about its obvious purpose; it’s a message echoing our times—an urgent call for more sustainable furniture. This collaboration between Kauppi & Kauppi and TreCe represents a step towards a more sustainable future.


KLOSS isn’t merely a furniture system; it’s a statement—a commitment towards a more sustainable future. With its adaptable design, playful essence, and focus on recycling, it’s set to transform spaces, one modular unit at a time.

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