JoLa House, Vila do Conde, Porto / A2OFFICE

This project consisted in the remodeling and expansion of a townhouse, opening some interior spaces, and bringing more natural light to the interior of the house.

The entire lower floor has been transformed into a continuous space, although with perfectly delimited and hierarchical functions, thus allowing a greater sense of space and brightness.

A new wooden staircase, lit by a generous lantern, connects the two floors and becomes the binding element.

General Information

Project Name: JoLa House
Architecture Firm: A2OFFICE
Contact e-mail:
Firm Location: Vila do Conde, Porto, Portugal

Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area: 160m²
Project location: Vila do Conde, Porto, Portugal

Lead Architects: Alberto Dias Ribeiro
Lead Architects e-mail:

Media Provider

Photo credits: Al.Ma Fotografia
Photographer’s website:

Additional Credits

Design Team: Alberto Dias Ribeiro, Bernardo Faria, Débora Nojiri, Alexandra Marques
Clients: Private
Contractor: In-Proov

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