INT Interior Design Awards 2023: Winners Revealed!

The 2023 INT Interior Design Awards have just wrapped up, and it’s time to celebrate the brilliant minds behind these exceptional spaces that define our world. Interior design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about how these spaces affect our emotions, well-being, and the way we live our lives. In this year’s edition, INT proudly announced the winners of a global competition that honors the transformative power of interior design.

The Influence of Interior Spaces

Interior spaces, meticulously crafted by talented designers, play a profound role in shaping our mental states, attitudes, and personalities. They serve as our sanctuaries, influencing our daily encounters and setting the stage for life’s significant moments. Recognizing this impact, INT was founded under the esteemed Architecture MasterPrize (AMP), a leading international platform dedicated to excellence in the built environment. INT is rapidly ascending to become the world’s foremost platform for interior designers, providing them with a global stage to showcase their work and gain international acclaim. This awards program ensures that every designer, from seasoned professionals to emerging talents, has an equal opportunity to display their creativity and achieve worldwide recognition.

Categories and Honors

The awards celebrate excellence in various categories, with distinctions such as Interior Design of the Year, Winners, Shortlisted, and Longlisted entries. The Interior Designs of the Year, the top winners in each category, receive their accolades from the international INT jury panel. According to Marcelo von Schwartz, founder of Manifesto, who serves as a judge, “Assessing the creativity and innovation of both seasoned and emerging designers is incredibly enriching. I’m thrilled to contribute to this celebration of interior design excellence and eager to recognize participants’ exceptional work.”

Category winners proudly display the INT winners’ logo and certifications. Entries that didn’t secure the top spot but still shone in their respective categories are Shortlisted, and all qualified entries receive the INT Longlist badge to promote their participation in the award program.

Interior Design of the Year Winners

In this inaugural edition of the INT Interior Design Awards, numerous projects have set new standards for excellence in interior design. The top three Interior Design of the Year Winners have demonstrated unparalleled innovation, creativity, and a profound understanding of how interior spaces can transform our lives.

  1. Residential Interior Design of the Year: La Casa de la Abuela by Chain + Siman
  2. Commercial Interior Design of the Year: Am Hof 8 by T.O. Interior Design
  3. Public Interior Design of the Year: 401 Park Repositioning by Elkus Manfredi Architects

Discover the Full Winners List

For a comprehensive look at all the winners and their remarkable projects, visit INT’s Winners Gallery. Get ready to be inspired by the diverse and groundbreaking designs that have earned recognition in the 2023 INT Interior Design Awards.

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