How to sell Bitcoin in KYIV

There are times when you will need to exchange your bitcoin for cash Hryvnia and dollar or make withdrawals to your bank card. BUY Bank offers you a simple way to withdraw bitcoin and you can view information about this on the official website of BUY Bank. You may choose to make a withdrawal at the official office, which is situated at the centre of KYIV or using online methods via the website straight to your bank card (MasterCard/Visa).

Documents needed for the Bitcoin exchange

You do not require any documents when exchanging Bitcoin with BUYBank. The exchange is discreetly handled. You will need to have a Visa or MasterCard issue by any bank within Ukraine in order to make a withdrawal to your bank card.

How is financial information handled?

Working with sensitive financial information is a concern for most people as they do not want to divulge personal information. Card data, however, is not stored online when selling your bitcoin. All cash transactions occur on the payment gateway end which adheres to stringent security standard PCI DSS level 1. All the information provided by clients regarding their card details, are protected for your peace of mind.

There is a UAH 1000 (Dollar/ Hyrvnia) limit on the minimum amount of bitcoin that you are permitted to sell at a time. The maximum amount that can be transacted at any given time is calculated dependent on the choice of payment method that is sued. You are advised to send in questions you may have to the technical support team before proceeding with your exchange. The bitcoin exchange rate is fixed following the second confirmation of inclusion in the block, unlike most exchange services which wat for three or sometimes more confirmations for a particular transaction. Bitcoin transactions cannot be cancelled once it has been completed as information relevant to each transaction is logged in the network block and each network block includes the preceding one as well. Upon receiving two confirmations, your transaction is considered final and complete.

How do you withdraw bitcoin to your card?

These days, bank cards are the most popular and efficient way to make payments online. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that people would rather withdraw bitcoin to their card. BUYBank online exchange makes the process easy and convenient in just a few simple steps:

  1. Select BTC-UAH exchange direction and then proceed to enter the amount. You will then need to enter your card number and the rate will be recalculated to match the current rate at the time of exchange.
  2. You will need to provide your contact details and then click on “Get UAH”
  3. The details of the transfer will appear on screen and you should thoroughly check the information to ensure there are no errors. You can then proceed to send Bitcoin.
  4. Once the bitcoin is sent, the payment to your card will be finalised following the second confirmation.
    Your transaction should be confirmed within 10 minutes however the time frame is subject to variability.

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