How to Optimize Your Home’s Airflow to Save Money on Your A/C

Optimizing AC airflow makes your home more comfortable. You’ll also lower your power bill. Here are a few ways you can save money and run your AC at the same time.

1. Keep the Vents Open. You might think it’s efficient to close vents in some rooms. For instance, maybe you don’t want the basement as cool as the living room. And you think that closing vents in the basement will result in more air upstairs. But the AC will work harder to adjust for the change in pressure. And closing too many vents will result in less airflow because the fan has slowed down.

In theory, closing vents to better direct the air seems logical. But that’s not how air conditioners work. If you simply must close a vent, keep it to no more than one or two.

2. Keep the Air Filter Clean. A dirty air filter hinders smooth airflow. It’s a good idea to change your filter every three months. But there are some cases in which you might need to change the filter more often. If you live in a dusty environment, then your filter likely gets dirty faster than usual. And if you operate your heat and AC often, then you’ll need to change the filter more often.

The rating of your air filter matters as well. One is the lowest rating with 16 being the highest. A filter rated at 16 will catch more allergens, dust, and dirt than a filter with a one rating. A high rating also means the filter is thicker than a lower rated filter. Higher rated filters are great at keeping the air clean, but they impede airflow. Your HVAC system must have a strong fan to handle a filter with a 16 rating.

3. Purchase a More Efficient HVAC System. Sometimes the only solution to improving airflow is to purchase a new HVAC system. If your unit is an older model, then it probably doesn’t perform as efficiently as newer models with better features. You can visit to see what’s new with HVAC systems.

4. Insulate and Ventilate Your Attic. If you’ve got an attic, then it should have sufficient insulation. Perhaps you have insulation, but not enough. This problem is easy to fix if you have lose fill insulation. Loose fill insulation is the kind that covers the floor and looks similar to cotton. If you need more, then buy some to spread on top of the existing insulation.

It’s also possible that your attic has bad airflow because of its design. The attic needs exhaust and intake vents. It’s suggested that you install vents if there aren’t any. You’ll need soffit vents to allow outside air into the attic, for circulation purposes. To let air out of the attic you’ll need ridge vents or gable vents. And finally, if that’s still not enough to improve airflow, you can install vent fans.

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