How to Move Heavy Furniture by Yourself

It would be nice if everyone had a couple of strong friends who could be called upon whenever some moving needed to be done, but that is not always possible.

No matter the reason, you are stuck with furniture you have to move on your own. The following tips will help you do this right.

Think of Scrapes

Scrapes are going to happen, especially since it is going to be hard to see while moving these objects on your own. The area you want to pay attention to is doorways.

These areas are constantly scraped or even chipped when moving, but you can prevent these types of accidents by making sure you use a moving blanket. This is especially important if you are living in an apartment where every defect could take away from your rental deposit (or Mietkaution in German).

Get Creative to Avoid Dangers

If you have stairs, the most important thing to figure out is how to move your furniture without going down them. Gravity can and will take over if you let it, and this moving task can go from simple to deadly.

You want to figure out a way to lower the piece using straps and strings over a balcony, but only do this if you are sure no one is passing by.

Use Tools

The next thing you need to do is invest in the right tools, such as plastic sliders.

These are placed under furniture legs, which helps them slide over all types of flooring. Furniture like dresses or couches are made so that they don’t easily drag on your floors, which is partly what makes them hard to slide. Make sure you use furniture straps or moving straps. Or better yet, rent forklifts to make the job easier. You can find forklifts for rent at mars forklifts.

Learn How to Lift

You may be surprised to learn that many people do not lift correctly, and this could put you in danger of causing an injury. The following are steps to master before moving heavy objects though you should still observe these suggestions, even if you will lift light things:

  • Never use your back to lift but rather the legs.
  • When you bend, bend at the knees rather than the waist.
  • Items on a dolly cannot be higher than chest level.
  • Always wear closed-toe shoes, preferably steel toe boots.
  • Wear clothes that fit, and make sure nothing is hanging loose.

Disassemble When Possible

The next thing you want to do is disassemble as many pieces of furniture as you can. Not only are you reducing the weight of each item, but you are also making it easier to get through tight corners.

Yes, this is going to take some time, and it is going to make moving into your next home a bit of a pain, but this makes moving big furniture on your own safer and easier. You are worth the trouble, so don’t skip this step.

Remember that it is okay to hire help when you know you cannot do something on your own. Be honest in those moments, and just wait until you can get help because you could be risking too much if you try to do something you can’t do on your own.

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