How To Keep Your Pool Safe and Clean

pool safety

Swimming pools are a great addition to a home. They provide an opportunity to lounge on the water while soaking in the sun’s rays, give kids and adults alike a place to exercise and play and are a great way to cool off in summer months. However, all of that fun can come to a halt if the pool is not properly cared for and becomes dirty or damaged. Consider these pool cleaning and safety tips so the fun and relaxation can continue.

Keep Your Pool Free of Bacteria and Algae

How appealing does it sound to swim in cloudy, bacteria-filled water or to dive into algae-topped waters? Probably not too appealing. If a pool is not properly cleaned it can develop bacteria and algae that make the water cloudy and germ-filled. That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re properly cleaning the water.

Some different pieces of Doheny pool equipment you’ll want to have on-hand to keep your water clean are chlorine, a pool pump and filter, a pool vacuum, shock treatment and a pool testing kit. It’s recommended to test your pool water two to three times a week in the summer to measure different levels and adjust the chemicals as needed. This will ensure the right balance in the water leading to cleaner, clearer waters and more enjoyable swimming.

Pool pumps circulate water into the pool filter, which filters out debris such as leaves and twigs. Larger debris like twigs can damage the lining of the pool, so keeping your pump and filter in proper working order is important.

Pool Safety Is Key

Enjoying your pool is a relaxing and fun pass-time, especially when you’re confident in the safety and upkeep of the pool. Make sure you test the water regularly so the chemicals are balanced. If too many chemicals are added to the water, it can irritate skin and eyes. If too little is added, bacteria can build up and cause health issues in swimmers.
Vacuum your pool regularly with a pool vacuum to get rid of mildew, chemical buildup and debris so the pool lining lasts longer and is in good condition. If pool lining becomes worn down or punctured, it can cause a safety risk to swimmers.

Consider putting on a pool cover when the pool is not in use to prevent flying debris from getting into your pool. Pool covers are also beneficial to prevent people from falling in the water accidentally, especially younger kids.

With proper maintenance, your pool can bring you many years of relaxation, fun and joy. Maintain your pool with Doheny pool equipment.

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