How To Install 150W UFO LED High Bay Light Within 7 Minutes

Efficiency is critical when choosing high bay ceiling lighting. The lights operate at a higher range, so you need to maximize the illumination to get the best lighting. With the intelligent design of 150w High Bay Light products, design is part of efficiency. Created in a fin style that helps transfer thermal properties more evenly, these luminaires allow for a wide variety of powerful lighting.

What is a High Bay light?

Bay lights illuminate large areas with high ceilings. Examples of applications include warehouses, commercial buildings, retail stores, gymnasiums, and so on.

There are two main categories. High Bay Light Fixture and Low Bay Light Fixture. The main feature used to distinguish them is the height of the ceiling, but there are differences from other similarities.

Long-lasting, excellent luminous efficiency, plug, and play. For this purpose, I have summarized three standard installation methods of UFO lamps that can help you install them in 7 minutes.

Installations Procedure 150W UFO LED High Bay Light.

1- Looping the Suspension

Attach the prepared hook (sold separately) to the ceiling. Before mounting, make sure that the mounting hook can withstand at least three times the weight of the bulb. Screw the circular ring tightly.

Screw the attached hanging ring clockwise into the hole at the top of the lamp body and tighten the hanging ring bolt so that the hanging ring does not come off.

Hang the lamp body on the hook and connect the brown/black line of the AC input line to the hotline and neutral line of the main power supply separately. The yellow-green ground wire must be grounded.

To make the lamp dimmable, connect a 0-10 V dimmer (sold separately) to the lamp’s dimming signal line and connect the DC+ and DC ports to the corresponding line of the dimmer.

After installation of 150w high bay light, check that the wiring is correct. (Caution: Connecting the mains to the dimming signal line may cause fetal damage to the lamp.)

Hang a rope-mounted expansion hook on the other end and connect the AC cord to an electrical outlet.

2- Rotating bracket in U-shape

For adjusting the angle of a luminaire to achieve a specific lighting effect, bracket mounting is the best option.

Mark the mark on the ceiling or wall with chalk or a sharp tool and drill a hole in the mark with an electric drill.

Install the expansion screw with a hammer.

The holes in the bracket line up with the expansion screws.

Push the light to one side and finally tighten the nut on the screw.

After installation of lights, wire according to local connection standards and ensure that appropriate joint protection measures are taken. The user can adjust the angle vertically left or right by adjusting the screws on the bracket.

Please note that not all UFO lamps are equipped with mounting brackets. Therefore, when purchasing High Bay UFO from shopping sites such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, carefully check the contents of the package.

3- Chains of suspension

Turn off the circuit breaker.

Install the prepared hooks on the ceiling. The mounting hooks must support at least three times the weight of the bulb before installation. Make sure the ring is tightly screwed into place.

Attach a wire hook to the ring.

Hang the chain from the ring. Tie the chain ad to the hook. Place the security hook and chain on the hook.

Complete the wiring as shown, and then light the lamp.

How can we get benefits from 150W LED UFO High Bay?

150W LED UFO High Bay is a very high-performance light used in large areas. Traditionally used in warehouses and factories, these luminaires are highly efficient and save a lot of energy. Available in 100W to 240W, it can replace conventional appliances in the 55W to 1000W range. It is also dimmable, which helps to adjust the lighting intensity according to your needs and reduce power consumption. Disc-shaped luminaires do not require reflectors and still reflect ample light.

Lighting fixtures are straightforward to install as there is no need to connect a lamp to the ballasts. Remove the existing fixture and attach it to the 150W LED UFO High Bay. It can be hung or mounted on the ceiling.

The 150W LED UFO High Bay has a long lifespan of over 50,000 hours, eliminating maintenance and lowering operating costs.

The 150W LED UFO has a high lumen output, so it can effectively illuminate large areas without leaving any traces of dark spots.

It offers a dimming option from 0V to 10V, which saves a lot of energy. 150W LED UFO High Bay replaces traditional 400W light sources and can effectively save 250W energy.

Warranty and Returns The 150W LED UFO High Bay comes with a 30-day return policy and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

Manufacture of UFO LED High Bay Light:

The manufacturing process also differs depending on the type. Low-bay fixtures contain reflectors or lenses to diffuse light and reduce glare. High-bay lamps require special aluminium reflectors to allow light to flow onto the floor or prism pieces to diffuse the light to illuminate shelves and other raised objects.

There are many more types of high bay lamps. They can be used in LEDs, inductions, metal halides, or fluorescent fixtures. Types include round, linear, architectural, and grid mount.

High bay fixtures have various uses, including industrial and manufacturing facilities, gymnasiums, community or entertainment centers, airport hangars, department stores, or other commercial buildings.

Final words

It is recommended that all models with safety ropes be installed as described above.

Suspension rings and suspension chains are easier to install than the above installation methods. In contrast, the bracket type installation is a little more complicated but more flexible and stable. The exact installation method depends on the type of work and equipment in the workplace.

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