How To Improve The Architecture Of Your Hotel

Whether you’re looking at building a hotel, renovating an existing one or simply refurbishing, you’re going to want to spend as much time as possible thinking about the design and architecture of your hotel.

Most hospitality businesses agree this is the biggest influencer of customer satisfaction. Naturally, the more satisfied your customers are the greater the likelihood of return visits and recommendations to others.

The good news is there are several things any business can do to improve the design and architecture of your hotel.

Start With The Doors

You can spend hours looking at various features to help the building stand out, especially if it is situated in a busy neighborhood. However, most people make their minds up about a hotel as they enter the building and as they go into their room.

In short, your hotel needs to scream high-quality. This justifies the price you charge and helps to ensure your customer is satisfied.

All interior and exterior doors should be stylish, a great example is offered on the website Cocif, which specializes in Italian styling. It’s hard not to create a classy image when you’re using products made in Italy, a country known for its style, taste, and stunning designs.

The doors should feel fantastic to the touch, look stylish and elegant, without standing out too much. This reflects an attention to detail that customers will notice and love.

There are several material options but wood is generally the best. It’s warm, natural, and comes in an array of styles, ensuring it perfectly suits your hotel vision.

However, make sure the doors are also kept simple. Too many styling extras will negatively affect the architectural appearance of your hotel.


When looking at architecture in a hotel you should spend some time considering the internal flow. Guests should enter and instinctively feel comfortable with their surroundings. This effect is boosted if registering their arrival appears obvious and straightforward. A spacious reception area also helps, along with obvious routes to the rooms, bar, or any other facility offered by the hotel.

At the same time, you want to make every guest feel welcome. This requires a careful balance of intimacy combined with friendly staff.

Consider Your Location

Hotels have an array of visitors. Business people arrive because it offers high-quality services, is friendly, clean, and well-run.

Tourists tend to choose a hotel in the area where they want to spend most of their vacation. That means, when designing the architecture of your hotel, make sure you consider local influences.

Use the materials and themes within the vicinity to help the hotel feel like it’s part of the culture, even if it’s only just been built. You’ll be surprised at how effective this is.

Summing Up

Improving the architecture of any hotel should always start with the doors. It’s one of the first and last things that a customer will come into contact with, making it the perfect way to create a great first and last impression.

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