How to Have a Successful Restaurant Remodel

Running a restaurant business is not easy, especially as new competitors emerge every dawn. To succeed in the business, entrepreneurs should keep tabs on changing trends that appeal to customers. For this, consider remodeling your restaurant after some time, preferably after five to ten years. If you are thinking about this, the guide below provides insightful tips on conducting such renovations.

1. Consult Your Customers

Customers are undoubtedly a valuable part of any restaurant business. Therefore, you should consider finding out your customer’s views about the initial plan before proceeding with the renovation. Social media platforms are probably the best place to gather such views. Ask engaging questions on your social media accounts to know what your customers have to say.

While doing this, always keep an eye on negative comments, as they point out the flaws in your establishment. For instance, if customers complain about dim lighting, space, or paints on the wall, take note and ask for their suggestions. You can also gather your customers’ opinions using comment cards, email campaigns, in-person conversations, and suggestion boxes.

Some of the ideas to inquire from your customers include;

  • Can they enter and leave your premises with ease?
  • Are the installed accessories in the building easily accessible to everyone?
  • How are the tables laid out? Can the clients maneuver with ease?
  • Are restrooms, entrances, and exits clearly marked?
  • Is there enough space for extra tables and chairs during busy nights?

Once you have gathered your customer’s suggestions, you can create a comprehensive plan for remodeling your restaurant.

2. Create a Renovation Plan

Creating a plan for your restaurant renovation is important. The plan will provide guidance through the project, outlining what, when, and how to conduct remodeling. The plan should outline various things that should be changed or improved during the process. Your plan should factor in new methods of captivating new customers while providing a better experience for your original customers.

While creating a remodeling plan, ensure that the new cuisine style matches the restaurant’s utilities and functionality. Cuisines are a representation of culture. Therefore, your remodeled project should mimic the real-life cultural experience of your customers. Your renovation plan should include a waste disposal formula. For such, consult a restaurant waste removal service.

3. Choose the Right Contractor

The success of your remodeling project hugely depends on the contractor chosen. While some contractors claim to provide the best services, they provide subpar services or subcontract to less than average individuals. Just like when choosing other professionals, selecting the right contractor requires extreme caution.

Begin your search by shortlisting potential contractors. You should then screen them based on several factors, including the costs quoted, level of experience, reviews, and technical procedures. You can also search online. Electrical wiring, ventilation, pavement construction, and plumbing are complex and require high-quality workmanship. For such, you can count on RUMPKE professional contractors.

4. Refresh the Interior and Exterior

Your restaurant’s exterior is the first thing that most people see from outside. The appearance of the restaurant significantly influences customer’s decisions. Therefore, the exterior should make a good first and lasting impression while communicating your brand, nature of service, and food. To achieve this, some things, such as choice of color, have a significant impact. Actually, color increases brand identification by approximately 80 percent. It also helps people make quick decisions.

With a good exterior, you should then focus on the interior. This is the next view that meets your customers once they have entered the establishment. People like roaming their eyes around. As such, take note of the little things, furnishings, and designs that make the place cozy and pleasing to your customer’s eyes.

If your restaurant needs more space or looks too small, you can remove a wall or a couple of pillars to give it a fresh look. However, you must consult load bearing wall removing services in Texas to get the right guidance and help to achieve your aim without harming the construction. After expanding the area, you can also use innovative ideas like movable partitions and hanging decors to create separation within the place.

5. Update Your Furnishings

Your customers have a lot of time before their order arrives to look at their surroundings. Good furnishing is the best way to make them comfortable and occupied while waiting for their food or drinks. Most customers associate worn-out chairs, tables, and benches with poor customer service and low-quality food. This leads to under-ordering and minimal repeat business.

Interestingly, changing your restaurant table’s colors impacts how people eat, how they perceive the amounts given and increases their satisfaction. This encourages repeat business. Unlike other restaurant parts, it is prudent to renovate furnishings when needed, instead of once. Start with the most visible and those in well-lit areas before changing those in dark areas.

6. Install New Lighting

Proper lighting is a crucial installation in any interior design, and restaurants are not an exception. Good lighting in a restaurant should be installed in layers with different controls. Apparently, most customers like the sensual experience provided by proper lighting in restaurants. Ensure that the lights should be warm while being bright enough to illuminate the restaurant for easy navigation.

Bottom Line

Restaurant business goes beyond the food provided to customer’s experience. Simple renovations can enhance your customer’s experience, improve satisfaction and general business. If you run a restaurant, conduct renovations regularly, even if your business is doing well, to keep up with the dynamic restaurant landscape.

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