How To Extend The Life Of Your Appliances

Life of a modern person is simply difficult to imagine without a familiar car, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, microwave or a blender. All appliances, regardless of brand and brand, help in everyday life, providing maximum comfort in the house.

Every knowledgeable master will tell you exactly – a lot depends on both the manufacturer and the group of appliances, and the manufacturer itself, how well he uses the appliance and properly cares for him. Read about emergency services, there are situations when home appliances, even being on warranty, breaks, and all because the user has not familiarized with all the items of instruction.

Refrigerator breakage can be predetermined by overheating the compressor due to power surge, and the washing machine breaks down due to too much loaded laundry, hard water, and for example, a malfunction of the electric stove – due to burnout contacts or breakage of the heating element. All the same microwaves fail if a metal object gets inside during operation, and the vacuum cleaner, which works for hours, fails because of a burned out motor.

How can I increase the life span of my microwave?

In order to increase the service life of the equipment, provided by the manufacturer himself, it is enough to take into account a few important tips and recommendations. First of all, it concerns the placement of the household appliance – it should stand on a flat surface and be used strictly according to its technical purpose, not as a table or stand.

Washing machine

If it is a washing machine – to make it work harmoniously and without malfunctions, it is worth taking a number of the following rules as a basis.

  • Do not put more washing inside than the manufacturer provides in one cycle, and already washed laundry – immediately take out after washing, not letting it get wet inside.
  • From time to time it is necessary to wash the powder compartment and once a month to clean the drum with products that help to remove scale. For example, this may be citric acid or vinegar.
  • You should not put more washing powder and air conditioner than it is prescribed in the instructions.
  • If there is a zipper on your clothes, the button – load it by turning it on the back, zipping it up beforehand. It is also important to check the pockets for small parts, garbage, in order to avoid clogging.


Speaking of refrigerator – it will last an order of magnitude longer, if you follow both the rules of operation and transportation. So after delivery to a new place, to prevent oil leakage, the unit is allowed to stand on a flat floor for 24 hours, not including in the network. And even a modern refrigerator should be periodically turned off, washed and cleaned inner chambers. Also it is not worth to keep the door open for a long time, moreover it is forbidden to put hot dishes in it.


It will last a long time, if you regularly clean filters from clogging, so before loading the dishes – it is carefully removed from the leftovers of food, remove all the paper stickers. As for the choice of detergent – it is worth to use only professional products, provided by the manufacturer, but not products for manual washing of dishes.


As you can see, all these tips and rules are simple, clear to everyone and available to perform, but in the end, will help not only to extend the life of equipment, but also extra costs for repair work. But even if there is a breakdown – do not try to eliminate it on your own, entrust all the work to the masters Only experts work with professional equipment, have in stock new details and original knots, and on repair – always there is a guarantee which terms can vary from several months and up to year. Moreover, only the specialists will repair, adjust the device, and be sure to advise the user on the correct operation of the devices.

Infographic provided by PartsWarehouse, a provider of Husqvarna parts online

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