How to Create a Stylish Bedroom in 5 Easy Steps

Paddington Penthouse / by SHH

Your bedroom provides a relaxing oasis away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. It’s a place in the home where you can retire to after a busy day, as you can close the door, melt into your bed, and enjoy either an early night, a good book, or a critically acclaimed TV show or movie. To help you create a personal space that welcomes you home each day, read our five easy steps for creating a stylish bedroom.

1. Pick a Palette

The color palette you choose will determine how inviting your bedroom will be day after day. It will also determine every style decision you make, from the blanket shades to your decorative accessories. Visit Pinterest for color palette inspiration, where you may find everything from monochromatic designs to pastel and dark shades.

2. Add Texture

Add a little personality to your bedroom by adding texture to your bedroom interior. Instead of opting for pillows, sheets and comforters made from the same fabric, vary your style by adding fur throws and patterned pillows made from different fabrics. This will add a little dimension to your room, which will make your bed more inviting. Katie from Civilized Health agreed “the smaller items which make up a room give it the most character, adding variety through texture and colour can really make a room.”

3. A Splash of Color

There’s no reason why you can’t have more than one color in your palette. For instance, a yellow pillow can make the color gray pop on your walls, comforter and accessories. Co-ordinate two or three colors so they work in harmony with each other. Aim to match your bedding to other shades across your bedroom to create a stylish space that will wow guests.

4. Play with Pillows

Have you noticed how hotels always provide more pillows on your bed than you need to sleep? That’s because they can create a cozy room that will have you longing for a good night’s rest. Play with the pillow arrangement on your bed, incorporating a minimum of four into your design. You can guarantee your bedroom will look both luxurious and relaxing.

5. Focus on Lighting

Lighting can make a small room appear much bigger. While exposing as much natural lighting is often the best way to expand a space, it’s not always possible in some bedrooms. For this reason, you should hang mirrors to complement artificial lighting, which will create the illusion of a spacious bedroom.

6. Select a Stylish Bed

A bed is the focal point in any bedroom. If you aim to add a big bed into a small room, it will appear bulky and uncomfortable. However, if a bed is too small, not only will you not have much room to move, but your bedroom may look a little sparse. That’s why it’s vital to find a bed that not only matches your taste, but complements your room’s size and design. Buy modern beds online that ooze style and sophistication.

Remember to put your stamp on the room to showcase your personality, from hanging a guitar to family photos on the wall, so you can enjoy a tranquil space that makes your house feel like a home.

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