Hovey Residence: Lakeside Luxury & Eco-Chic Living

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Project Highlights

Name of the project: Hovey Residence
Project location: Quebec, Canada
Architecture, interior design and garden design: 1628 inc.
Project team: Annie Charest and François Parenteau
Area: 5490 sq.ft.

Nestled on the shores of a serene lake in Québec City, Canada, the Hovey Residence by 1628 stands as a testament to architectural innovation and sustainable design. Originally built in 1970, the revamped residence now caters to art-loving homeowners and their extended family. Let’s delve into the captivating transformation that turned an aging structure into a contemporary masterpiece.

Revitalizing Tradition

The project kicked off with the challenge of rehabilitating a ranch-style house from 1628’s designer and vice-president, Annie Charest. The existing building, though showcasing some strengths, needed adaptation to meet the demands of its new occupants. The solution involved careful expansion at the highest point of the steeply sloped site, seamlessly blending the old and the new. By separating the main extension from the existing structure, an illusion of two distinct buildings was created on the street side, while an interior corridor integrated them harmoniously on the lakeside.

Harmony in Volumetry

The Hovey Residence features two predominant volumes clad in dark brown wood, a nod to the traditional materials of the region. These volumes create a discreet facade from the street, guarding the privacy of the inhabitants. A covered wooden sidewalk connects the main volumes on the ground floor, serving as both a pathway and an observation platform overlooking the landscape and the lake. Balconies and terraces strategically added enhance the horizontality of the composition and balance the building’s height with the site.

Scenic Site Layout

The design theme of promenade influenced the site layout, utilizing native plants and slate stairs. A hemlock boardwalk guides visitors to the lake, where discreet lighting enhances the overall experience. Secondary pavilions, seamlessly blending with the vegetation, serve as a covered terrace and storage space for watercraft. A carefully planned exterior concrete staircase adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Captivating Interiors

Entering through a protected courtyard adorned with a Japanese-inspired garden, the original wing houses the main living spaces, master suite, and an office. The lower level hosts guest rooms and a spa, designed for relaxation with panoramic views. The extension’s lower level features a garage and a second master suite, complemented by a wooden terrace with an outdoor fireplace. Throughout the residence, a limited range of finishes, including Canadian white oak floors and natural maple details, creates a soothing and timeless atmosphere.

Environmental Consciousness

Emphasizing sustainability, the project retained the existing structure, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Through meticulous renovation, the house now boasts low-e thermos and triple glass glazing, exceeding current standards for energy efficiency. Powered and heated solely by hydroelectricity, the Hovey Residence sets a new standard for environmentally conscious living.


The Hovey Residence stands as a compelling example of architectural excellence, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity. 1628’s commitment to preserving the environment while creating unique and functional spaces has resulted in a dwelling that not only captivates the eye but also respects the lifestyle of its discerning owners.

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