House on Lake Arthur in Lanaudiere / by Ghoche Architecte

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The House on Lake Arthur in Lanaudière, Canada is a stunning architectural feat that blends modernity and tradition with nature. Designed by Ghoche Architecte, the project was completed in May 2022 after being commissioned in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. The owners desired a cottage that was modern, bright, and warm, and Ghoche Architecte delivered, creating a space that seamlessly integrates into the environment.

The architectural concept was developed with the aim of minimizing deforestation and maximizing exposure to sunlight while orienting views towards the lake. The black volume was inspired by the idea of blending the house into the landscape, making it almost invisible from the lake. The exterior materials were chosen for their durability and ease of maintenance, and to promote local purchasing. The black cedar and steel siding were used to give the house a sleek and modern look.

House on Lake Arthur in Lanaudiere, Canada / by  Ghoche Architecte The main floor of the house extends over two levels connected by concrete steps to gently follow the landscape, creating a ceiling of over 11 feet in the main living spaces. The functionality of the house was meticulously studied by the firm, taking into account the reality of the Quebec climate and the needs of the family. The vast living space is punctuated by windows on three sides, taking advantage of the sun from morning to sunset, and includes the kitchen, living room with a wood-burning fireplace, and dining room, which extends onto a screened veranda with exposed wood beams.

The upper level of the house is divided into two sections by an oak staircase that serves as a grand entrance to the open-plan living area leading to the three bedrooms. Each bedroom has access to the rooftop terrace and its own private mezzanine with an impressive triangular window, an ideal spot for stargazing. The master bedroom and private office complete the upper level and enjoy the best view of the lake through oversized windows.

The interior finishes are limited and contrast with the dark exterior palette, with white painted walls, white wooden slat ceilings, natural oak cabinets and stairs, and polished concrete floors with integrated heating. The House on Lake Arthur is a comfortable, warm, and welcoming space that is immersed in nature, providing a sanctuary for its occupants.

The attention to detail in the design and construction of the House on Lake Arthur is impressive. The architects at Ghoche architecte have carefully considered the natural surroundings and the needs of the family to create a beautiful and functional home. The use of local materials and sustainable design choices, such as the burned Quebec cedar siding and the integrated heating in the concrete floors, further demonstrates the commitment to responsible architecture.

The house’s interior design complements the exterior aesthetic with a minimalist approach that highlights the natural beauty of the materials used. The use of white walls and ceilings, natural oak, and polished concrete floors create a serene and calm atmosphere that blends seamlessly with the surrounding forest. The large windows allow for an abundance of natural light and stunning views of the lake and trees, bringing the outside in and creating a sense of connection to nature.

The House on Lake Arthur is a prime example of how architecture can be seamlessly integrated into the natural environment, creating a harmonious and functional living space. The attention to detail, commitment to sustainability, and minimalist approach to design make this home a stunning example of modern Canadian architecture. With its peaceful location on the lake in Lanaudière, this home offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, and a chance to connect with nature in a comfortable and welcoming space.

House on Lake Arthur in Lanaudiere, Canada / by  Ghoche Architecte In conclusion, the House on Lake Arthur is a beautiful example of modern architecture in Canada. The careful consideration of the natural surroundings, commitment to sustainability, and minimalist design approach have resulted in a stunning and functional home. The house’s location on the peaceful lake in Lanaudière provides a tranquil escape from the city and offers an opportunity to connect with nature. The House on Lake Arthur is a testament to the power of architecture to create a harmonious and comfortable living space that seamlessly blends with the natural environment.

Technical sheet

Location: Notre-Dame-De-La-Merci, Québec
Project type: New construction
Years of completion: 2022
House area: 3000 sq ft / 280 sq m
Structural engineering: Geniex
Photo credits: Maxime Brouillet

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