House of Trough in Hokkaido, Japan / by Jun Igarashi Architects

House of Trough, Hokkaido, Japan / by Jun Igarashi

The site is located in the east of Hokkaido. And this architecture is planning for husband and wife in flagpole site form. Surroundings this site, next house is in east side, and next house’s garage is in north side. It has no need to view surroundings with work place of iron factory in south side. And the garden of next house in the west, but I cannot predict how changing with this place. I designed with considering climate environment and surrounding context.

House of Trough, Hokkaido, Japan / by Jun Igarashi
by Jun Igarashi Architects

Non-depend view to surroundings
At this site, I decided to set a buffer zone at south side and north side, from considering client’s living image that causes how to take a distance to non-depend view surroundings. And set LDK at the center of two buffer zones. I intended to occur physical distance to each living spaces, by cubical setting volumes; in the south side of buffer zone, 4 layers composed by master bedroom, guest room, entrance, spare room, and in the north side of buffer zone, 3 layers composed by water function, closet, study.

House of Trough, Hokkaido, Japan / by Jun Igarashi
by Jun Igarashi Architects

Concurrently, there are various place opening with these buffer zone spaces, and strong light insert this buffer zone. The floor of south buffer zone reflects the light to ceiling, and changing to diffusion light from lightning through the curtain. The 3rd floor slab adjusts insolation as like an eaves. Thus, soft light insert to LDK that has large area and high ceiling. We feel like in the forum place and the central large pillar divide living space softly, it becomes strength of dweller.

House of Trough, Hokkaido, Japan / by Jun Igarashi
by Jun Igarashi Architects

The spatial composition of cubical double buffer zone connect to forum, it support the sense. Living space occurred by considering site condition and climate environment. Coexisting of kindly spaces for human and room closing. That is to say, living space like a calm and stable “trough”. I feel the possibility in the space.

title: House of Trough
architect : Jun Igarashi

site : Shikaoi, Hokkaido, Japan
family : husband & wife
structural design : Daisuke Hasegawa& Partners
construction:YAMADA Industry CO., LTD
structure:wood, 2nd stories
site area:208.06m2
building area:74.52m2
total floor area:98.44m2
design 2007.1~2007.10
construction 2007.10〜2008.03


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