Home Renovations You Can Do Yourself

Home renovations can be expensive but taking the Do-It-Yourself approach will cut the labor costs as well as give your family an entertaining, productive task. Here are some fix ups that are helpful around the home.

Reface or Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing your kitchen cabinet doors is inexpensive, all it requires is your choice of paint, stain, or laminate. To reface your cabinets means to put new doors on the already mounted kitchen boxes. The re-facing process is quite simple: order the appropriate amount of doors and drawer fronts but be conscious of the costs. There are many sets that are cost friendly and pleasing to the eye as well.

Cabinet knob renovations to wooden cabinets can always be given a nice touch with new knobs from a relatively cheap place like BedBathStore.com including stainless pieces, or stained colored knobs. It will give your kitchen an attractive fix and compliment your new kitchen cabinets at the same time.

Improve the Lighting

Lighting is a perfect way to change the style of your home and you are capable to do it yourself. Track lighting covers a lot of surface area and is an innovative way to brighten your living room or bedroom. If you like to keep your home coordinated, match the style of track lights with other lighting in your home. Choose lighting with stainless steel tracks or black tracks to continue your home’s theme.

Under cabinet lights can improve your kitchen renovations and give off the sense of comfort; not to mention the usefulness of them. Hanging a chandelier from your dining room ceiling is a possible DIY fix up as well, choose a selection that fits your home’s style at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Cut Energy Costs with Renovations

There are many cracks around windows and between floorboards where air can escape which will ultimately lead to higher energy costs. Caulk the area around your windows and doors so that your home stays at your desired temperature. Also insulate pipes to prevent heat loss and from air creating a draft which can also raise energy costs.

Install New Faucets

Modern faucets can change a kitchen sink or your bathroom sink from a traditional style to a completely brand new look. Make sure that your faucet installations will fit in the sink hole and won’t require any molding. Choose faucets of the same size so that there is an easy transition.
Paint a Room

Painting requires some preparation but a great DIY renovation that will obviously change the look of a room completely. If you aren’t looking to make as much as a commitment as to paint a room then add a painted accent to rooms around your home. Add bold accent to your living room walls or white trim to surrounding ceilings which won’t require as much paint.

Give Your Floor a New Look

It is often overlooked but your hardwood floors can easily get scuffed and show signs of wear and tear. Refinishing wood floors will turn your home from dull floorboards to shiny wood. Old, worn carpet doesn’t get much attention as well, take the time to clean your carpet and freshen the carpet’s color.

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