Highway Pole Barn in Windsor, Canada / Dory Azar Architect

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Located along Highway #3 in Tecumseh, Ontario, a fresh take on the traditional pole barn sits surrounded by 64 acres of farmland. The owners’ passion for contemporary architecture led them to Dory Azar Architect Inc. (DAAi) for a reimagined version of the classic building typography, designed and built strategically and specifically for the site.

The new structure serves as an extension of the owners’ neighbouring primary dwelling. In addition to the expected durable storage area for farm equipment and vehicles, DAAi also incorporated a warmer space for family gatherings, casual hangouts, and moments of solitude.

The building is set back from the highway by approximately 320’ (98 m). It is oriented due south, and the shed roof is sloped to maximize the amount of roof surface area available for the installation of future solar panels. The building elevation contains a string of windows which gradually cascade toward the ground from west to east. The largest window groupings were implemented in the more public areas of the building, where ample light and views are desired. The higher, more discrete windows were implemented to offer more privacy to other areas of the space, without compromising on natural light.

The structure is built using traditional wood-framed pole barn methods, and it is skinned with various metal sidings. The choice of the red siding color was an homage to traditional barn design and construction. The black metal roof cascades over the south elevation as if to cloak it in privacy from the busy highway. It provides a look of mystery and intrigue, while the opposite elevation rises and opens to face most of the site. The result is an unexpected splash of red standing proudly on an otherwise flat, neutral landscape.

The final build stands mysteriously, and yet confidently, along the busy road. It anchors the site and provides the landmark for future planned projects on the same property, while giving the owners additional space to host gatherings, tend to gardens, and enjoy spare time to foster hobbies and relaxation.

Technical sheet

Client: Withheld
Date: 2017
Architect: Dory Azar Architect Inc.
Location: Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada
Site Area: 64 Acres
Photographer: Windsor Creative

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