Hangzhou Xixi Art Village / by WSP ARCHITECTS

The Project locates at Hangzhou Xixi Wetland, where the ancients used to seclude from the outside as it enjoys both cultural elegance as well as the unique landscape of the south, representing natural scenery and human affections for waters. The designer believes that only by adopting the concept of “nothingness”, could he make the design of Xixi more natural and smooth.

The entire planning and design of Xixi Art Village are based on the idea of settlement, i.e. almost all constructions are built upon the original bases at their native space in the wetland, besides a few exceptions. The buildings are reduced to the minimum, makingthem look likethey are disappearing into the landscape.

Spaces of pavilion and corridoralsoenable construction to better fit in nature and time, and have differentforms in eachseason: when it snows, the yard could provide a warm place for watching the snow falling; when it rains, people could stay in rooms to watch beautiful rain drops in the yard; in spring and autumn, the corridor furnishes itself in different forms for people to enjoy; even in a day, changes could take place from day light to night.

The general planning and landscape design of this Project is aimed to return to nature and its ancient forms, but also restore chinese traditional construction : the quality of harmoniousness, peace, silence, quiescence and humbleness of Chinese culture, but also traditional views upon neighborhood, life, ideal and mindset. Xixi Art Village is just like traditional Chinese musical instruments, but addedwith modern piano notes. White walls and the contrast of dark window and whitenessendow Xixi Art Village with modern melody, making it a concerto of botht raditional Chinese music and modern piano.

Basic Information of Project

Project Name:Hangzhou Xixi Art Village
Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Designed/Completedin: 2008/2016
OccupiedArea: 710,000 square meters
Construction Area: 5,642 square meters

General Planning: WSP ARCHITECTS
LandscapeDesign:WSP ARCHITECTS
Construction Design:Tulou (Liu Jiakun); Ink-paintedXixi (Li Xiaodong); The Disappearing Building (Wang Yun/Atelier Fronti); Xijulin Yard (Wang Lu/in + of architecture); Plan Y (Zhang Lei); Overlapped Shadow of Trees (Qi Xin); Vivid Frame View (Wang Weiren/Wang Weiren Architecture); The Endless Garden (Wu Gang/WSP Architects); Plot A & B (Studio Zhu-Pei); Plot C (Xu Tiantian); Plot D (URBANUS); Plot E (Atelier Deshaus)
EntrustmentUnit: Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park Phase III Engineering Construction Headquarters

Photo/Video: Liu Lei
Honors&Awards:2011 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, MIPIM Asia 2012 (Hong Kong), First “MonelostarAward” (2013) — Excellence Award of Water and Soil Conservation &EcologicalLandscape Design Competition

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