GRiD by SPARK: Architectural Marvel Illuminates Singapore’s Arts District

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In the heart of Singapore’s Selegie Arts District, a remarkable transformation has taken place. SPARK, the renowned architectural firm, has unveiled GRiD – a visionary youth-focused mall and education hub that is set to redefine the cultural landscape of the area. This project stands as a testament to SPARK’s exceptional design prowess and their commitment to community-centered architecture.

Architectural Brilliance and Design Concept

GRiD represents a significant milestone in the realm of architectural retrofitting. Rather than opting for wholesale demolition and reconstruction, SPARK has breathed new life into an existing building, thus weaving it seamlessly into the vibrant fabric of the community.

At the heart of GRiD’s transformation lies its innovative design concept. The most striking feature is the reimagined building corner, which now serves as a beacon that draws visitors in. This captivating corner is not just an architectural element – it’s a canvas for digital creators, an Instagrammer’s paradise where vibrant experiences unfold. The shift of low-rent shops to this dynamic corner has paved the way for increased visibility and engagement.

The infusion of energy from the exterior to the interior spaces is a defining feature of GRiD’s design. The post-industrial aesthetic, marked by neon lights and bold utilitarian graphics, creates a unique ambiance that resonates with the digital generation while paying homage to the luminosity of local shophouses.

Key Design Elements

  1. Transformation of the Building Image: The architectural gem of GRiD is the metamorphosis of its corner into a beacon, an inviting focal point that entices passersby. This visually captivating corner also houses high-revenue generating F+B units, making it a hub of culinary delight and social interaction.
  2. Programmatic Mix: GRiD boasts an array of youth-focused “food joints,” strategically positioned to promote urban interaction and engagement. These Al fresco dining spaces, adorned with terraces, create a harmonious blend between the building and its surroundings.
  3. Social Stair: The introduction of a new social stair near the School of the Arts (SOTA) brings an element of dynamism to GRiD’s corner. It offers a triple volume space for relaxation, entertainment, and socialization, creating an urban sanctuary for visitors.
  4. Social Washroom: SPARK’s ingenious design philosophy shines in the social washroom, where utilitarian spaces are transformed into hubs of chance meetings, image creation, and gossip sessions. The distinctive post-industrial washbasin and WC cubicles, adorned with super graphics, inspire spontaneous selfies and memorable experiences.
  5. Branding Design: The “GRiD” brand name is intricately woven into the fabric of the building’s design, from the façade to the interior spaces. The logo, reminiscent of a slot machine jackpot, adds a playful and self-expressive element to the building’s identity.
  6. Graphic Interior Design and Wayfinding: GRiD’s interiors come alive with a post-industrial material palette, neon lights, and arcade-inspired elements. This vibrant atmosphere sets the stage for a bustling array of activities, guided by urban-themed graphics that lead visitors through the building’s diverse offerings.

A New Chapter for Community Interaction

GRiD isn’t just a building – it’s a dynamic community space that caters to diverse needs. From pop-up stores and remote working zones to communal spaces encouraging interaction, the architecture encourages a vibrant atmosphere where learning, socializing, shopping, and connection with the local arts community converge.

As an expression of SPARK’s design brilliance, GRiD emerges as a reimagined space – a place to be inspired, to learn, and to forge connections. Its architecture isn’t just visually captivating; it’s a testament to the power of positive transformation and community engagement.

The fusion of innovation, creativity, and community spirit sets GRiD apart as an extraordinary architectural endeavor, amplifying Singapore’s Selegie Arts District’s cultural vibrancy and enriching the lives of its inhabitants.

Technical details

Structural Engineer: ARUP
M&E Engineer: ARUP
Lighting Consultant: Brandston Partnership Inc
Builder: Gennal Industries
Graphics: Tripple
Branding, Logo Design & Marketing Collaterals Collaborator: TRIPPLE
Client: GAW Capital Partners, Manful Wings Pte Ltd

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