Greening Bruges: Railway Revamp for a Livelier Entrance!

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In an exciting collaboration, ZJA, BoschSlabbers, and Boskalis are set to redefine the entrance to Bruges through a visionary project. Commissioned by the Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer and the municipality of Bruges, this transformative initiative aims to create a vibrant and green gateway to the city.

Green Station Park and ‘het Brugse Ei’ Fountain

The heart of this innovative design is the metamorphosis of the station square into a lush Station Park, featuring a captivating fountain named ‘het Brugse Ei’ (the Bruges Egg). This green oasis is not just aesthetically pleasing but also a testament to the commitment to livability and environmental quality.

Mayor Dirk De Fauw’s Vision

Mayor Dirk De Fauw emphasizes the significance of this project, stating, “We want to enhance the livability of the station environment and ensure the safety of all road users. Improving the spatial quality of this gateway to the historic city center is our key objective.”

Enhancing Safety and Pleasure

Over the next few years, the project will address traffic concerns around Bruges train station. Redesigning crossing points, creating underpasses for cyclists and pedestrians, and optimizing pathways are part of the plan. The aim is to make the station area safer, attractive, and enjoyable for both residents and visitors.

Architectural Marvel: Vesten Passage

Architect Jochem Verbeek sheds light on the redevelopment, stating, “The project includes underpasses, crossing optimization, and widened paths, ensuring a seamless flow of traffic. Additionally, a new passageway will guide travelers to the historic center, offering a pleasant journey amidst greenery and historical heritage.”

Vesten Passage: A Connection to History

The Vesten Passage, designed for pedestrians and cyclists, will directly link the station square to the city center. Its integration with the Vesten, the historic city ramparts, adds a unique charm to the station environment, contributing to the green transformation of the city’s gateway.

Sustainability and Climate Adaptation

Stijn Koole, partner and landscape architect at BoschSlabbers, emphasizes the project’s commitment to sustainability and climate adaptation. “We focus on reducing hard landscaping, allowing rainwater infiltration and creating a substantial water buffer for dry months. Carefully selected plant varieties ensure a diverse range of scents and colors throughout the year.”

Phased Implementation between 2024 and 2027

The project’s realization will unfold in distinct phases between 2024 and 2027. As Bruges undergoes this remarkable transformation, the collaboration between ZJA, BoschSlabbers, and Boskalis promises a greener, safer, and more inviting entrance to this historic city.

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