Green Point Stadium For FIFA World Cup 2010

Green Point  Stadium

Located in Cape Town, the Green Point Stadium was designed by GMP Architects. And now the construction is in progress and expected for completion in 2010 to host the world’ biggest soccer event, FIFA World Cup. The stadium designed to seat 68,000 spectators on three tiers.

The image of Cape Town is uniquely characterised by the interaction of Table Mountain and Signal Hill – a soft, hilly landscape, and the surrounding Atlantic Ocean. Green Point Stadium will sit at the foot of Signal Hill. The exterior shell of the stadium was designed as an abstract, linearly arranged membrane construction.

Green Point  Stadium



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  1. i like the design of the stadium i think that it will attract people all around the world to come and see it, and it also inspires me to create my own and sell it, i hope one day i can create a stadium as good as this one

  2. Great stadium, but I feel that we’ve missed an opportunity to make this design our own. It needed to be a bit more African (look at the one constructed in Johannesbrug) – take the mountain away and this stadium and setting could have been anywhere in the world…