Green Architecture in Ghana: The Augustino Neto Condominiums

Modern Green Architecture in Accra

The Concept Ghana, a development group based in Ghana, has a project to design the Augustino Neto Condominiums. The site located in Acra with the area of 1,500-square-foot-units (25 units total) and the 3/4-acre site is on the airport road which has noise problem. This problem solved by using special material called PozzoGhana to reduce the jet-engine noise.

The Concept Ghana adopts green building products and sustainable material such as bamboo, adobe plaster, recycled oil drums, and the combination of local sedimentous soils, waste palm kernels, and Portland cement. “The building’s frame is our concrete product, then we mixed in ancient local building materials in a modern way.” said Kanner from the group. The Condo expected to finish in 2008 and will sell for $300,000 each unit.

Modern Green Architecture in Accra

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