Golf Apartments in Glifada, Greece / by Omniview Design

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Project details

Principal Architect: Dimitri Tsigos
Project Architect: Thaleia Stergiou
Design Team: Ioanna Iliadi, Afroditi Maragkou, Danai Diou, Christina Tsakiri, Lina Kazolea, Katerina – Christina Anastasopoulou
Construction Architect: Thaleia Stergiou, Ioanna Iliadi, Afroditi Maragkou, Stelios Koukiasas
Structural Study: Paul M. Savvas
Mechanical Study: George Karvounis

Nestled adjacent to the renowned golf course in the picturesque landscape of Glyfada, Greece, Omniview Design unveils its latest masterpiece – the Golf Apartments. This exclusive residential development stands as a testament to innovation and aesthetic brilliance, with a focus on architect Dimitri Tsigos’s visionary design concept that seamlessly intertwines with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Architectural Brilliance: A Symphony of Shapes and Geometries

At the heart of the Golf Apartments‘ allure lies an intricate architectural composition that pays homage to local planning regulations while pushing the boundaries of creativity. The façade’s dynamic street-facing profile, adorned with whimsical geometries, is a result of a meticulous interpretation of these regulations. The outcome is a mesmerizing wireframe that gracefully envelops the entire structure, crafting an eye-catching and distinct appearance.

Curvilinear Elegance: A Rhythmic Dance of Balconies

The façade’s rhythm is further elevated by the presence of curvilinear balconies, which gracefully extend outward in alternating directions. This balletic arrangement not only imparts a fashion-forward dynamism to the structure but also echoes the rhythm of life in Glyfada. The design language of these balconies seamlessly extends to the side façades, integrating architectural extrusions that perpetuate the harmonious design theme while evoking a sense of movement.

An Ode to the Landmark: The Graceful Corner Curvature

One of the most enchanting features of the Golf Apartments is the delicately curved glazing on the corner oriented towards the golf course. This architectural nuance serves as a tribute to the local landmark, bridging the gap between modernity and tradition. As the sunlight dances across this curvature, it not only accentuates the building’s unique form but also creates a dialogue between the structure and its surroundings.

Dynamic Spatial Experiences: Elevating the Sense of Movement

The spirit of movement is a constant companion throughout the design journey. This sensation is most palpable in the double-height living area of the penthouse apartment. Here, the perception of movement is intensified, briefly punctuated by a flybridge that artfully connects the mezzanine to the balcony, almost like a suspended moment in time.

Blending Boundaries: Harmony of Interior and Exterior

The seamless transition between indoors and outdoors is impeccably orchestrated on the ground floor of the Golf Apartments. A double-height interior effortlessly melds with an adjacent private garden, creating a sense of openness and tranquility. This harmonious fusion of spaces invites residents to relish the beauty of nature while enjoying the comforts of their luxurious abode.

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Elegance in Every Detail: Custom Craftsmanship and Materials

Inside, the elegance of the Golf Apartments continues to unfold. Vertical louvers, skillfully employed as functional shading devices, emphasize the vertical geometry of the interior spaces. A symphony of custom-made space dividers and furniture, meticulously crafted from a blend of wood and marble, elevates the overall sense of opulence and refinement.

The Visionaries Behind the Masterpiece

Principal Architect Dimitri Tsigos, together with Project Architect Thaleia Stergiou and the talented design team comprising Ioanna Iliadi, Afroditi Maragkou, Danai Diou, Christina Tsakiri, Lina Kazolea, and Katerina-Christina Anastasopoulou, has breathed life into the Golf Apartments. Their collaborative efforts, guided by a shared passion for innovation and design excellence, have birthed a residential haven that resonates with both artistic brilliance and functional sophistication.

Engineering Excellence: The Backbone of Innovation

A masterpiece of this magnitude requires a solid foundation, both figuratively and literally. The structural and mechanical prowess of Paul M. Savvas and George Karvounis, respectively, ensures that the Golf Apartments stand strong and efficient, embodying the perfect blend of form and function.

In conclusion, the Golf Apartments by Omniview Design stand as an architectural marvel, seamlessly weaving together design, aesthetics, and functionality. With a focus on visionary architecture, dynamic movement, and a meticulous attention to detail, this development redefines luxury living in Glyfada, Greece. The legacy of Dimitri Tsigos, Thaleia Stergiou, and their talented team is etched into every curve, line, and space, inviting residents to experience an elevated lifestyle where art and living converge.

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