Glass House by Tonic Design

North Carolina Glass House

This unique glass house was designed by Tonic Design with modern architecture style: glass and steel. According to the project descriptions, this house is built upon the steel frame of the previous home and provides open perches as well as quite retreats. As we look on the picture, the house has a strong and modern look with the use of rusted steel panels, white painted steel beams, and glass. Great looking!

Glass House by Tonic Design

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  1. How safe is a glass house and the type of glass used to build such a project . what type of energy is used to warm such edifice. is it possible to use solar energy for this project. what would it cost from a architecture point of viwe. looking at an idea of a large master bedroom with two bathrooms connected and His and Hers walk-in closet. say four additional bedrooms each with large closets with one large bathroom to accommodate the rooms. this is the upper part of the building and the front part of the first floor I should say, A large living room to fit a baby grand piano on one side and a with 300 gallon fish thank on the other side. A guest room on the other side of the building with a liberty and office and did i mention the kitchen with a island. about how much would it cost such a great work. o! I forgot to add the two door garage on about five acres of land

  2. hai its lemuel landingin from philippines Glass House by Tonic Design is my dream house because the architecture is so exelent!!!!!!!!