GEODA 2055: Self Sufficient, Bioclimatic and Sustainable City / by Luis De Garrido

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[Google-translated from Spanish]

Madrid, April 2011. Architect Luis De Garrido presented its proposal for the creation of a city self-sufficient, sustainable and bioclimatic in Mondragon (Spain). The project is inspired by the Basque character, their vocation Cooperative gemstones and geodes. The solution aims to show that the rupture of a mountain of Mondragon reveals, in a symbolic way, the precious stones of the Basque people.

GEODE 2055: Proposed Intervention in a Quarry Sustainable Mondragon / by Luis De Garrido

The proposal includes the construction of 1,053 social housing, an office skyscraper (20,000 m2), a shopping center (28,000 m2) and a Museum (42,000 m2). Management as well as road and green areas adjacent to the area.

The result resembles Geode combines enormous, and when the overall spray system and water recycling works in summer (to cool the whole naturally), the set resembles a huge waterfall, from which the blocks ( as a gemstone embedded in the quarry) seem to sail. The group is self-sufficient water and energy.

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