Garage San Marco, Venice / IOSA GHINI ASSOCIATI

Garage San Marco Spa, Venice / IOSA GHINI ASSOCIATI

Project description of Garage San Marco, Venice by IOSA GHINI ASSOCIATI:
The Garage San Marco is located in Piazzale Roma, the only street of Venice accessible by car from the mainland. The restyling concerns the ground floor of the building, in particular the public spaces (pedestrian entrance, ground floor parking, lift area) and adminstration areas (offices and workspaces).

The exterior front has been renewed by the invention of two glazed volumes at each side of the roadway. The little one on the left side is dedicated to the employers and houses a night cash desk; the big one on the right is dedicated to the pedestrian entrance and to the main cash desk area.

Garage San Marco Spa, Venice / IOSA GHINI ASSOCIATI

In between the two volumes, hang over the roadway, there is a glazed box for the exposition of cars or other big objects. Inside the big volume, four structural pillars work both has focus and exhibition system; a big glass wall assures a good space continuity.

Garage San Marco


Venice 2009

Garage San Marco Spa

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