Four Hacks To Make Your House Look More Lavish

Every homeowner relates to the term Home is where the heart is, an undeniable fact. A house is not just a place with four walls and a bed. Your home is your sanctuary, a place that’s all yours, where you live with family and spend time with friends.

Just as we look after ourselves, the same way our house also demands attention from time to time because a messy or outdated home has no appeal and also impacts your mood.

So, whether you’re thinking of giving your house a makeover or moving to a new one, it should be a place you adore.

Irrespective of where you choose to build your life or buy a new home, a well-kept house signifies your personality, especially regarding hygiene. Contrary to popular belief, you always don’t need to empty your pocket to maintain or make your home look lavish.

For instance, homes in North Carolina only look good from the outside. Inside, it’s a different story. And if you’re living here, you’d know what we’re talking about.

Home maintenance typically begins with cleaning everything from top to bottom. Even though North Carolina offers new occupants affordable living costs, the city also homes the most reasonable and exceptional cleaning professionals.

If you’re looking for reliable commercial cleaning services, type in Commercial Cleaning Services Charlotte North Carolina on Google to know more.

With a thorough cleaning job, you won’t have to waste time cleaning every nook; instead, start working on how to update your living space.

The mentioned below will surely get your mind running.

1. Use Full-Length Curtains

Adding full-length curtains to the windows gives the space a more custom and luxurious look. If your ceilings aren’t high enough, hanging curtain rods will make your ceiling look better, even if you don’t have expensive furniture.

Aside from ceilings, if your living space doesn’t cater to architectural details, hanging curtains at the highest level makes the place feel larger than it is.
But, ensure the curtains you choose are the same length as your windows.

Why? Because it prevents the curtains from tightening up when pulled close. If you cannot match the length of the curtains to the window, a nifty trick is to multiply the window’s width by a minimum of 1.5 to determine the width of the drapes.

Many homeowners overlook the most crucial aspect of hanging draperies, the hem. If done right, it changes the game of your living space.

For a tailored style, choose the hem length that ends only a few inches above the floor, leaving space slightly visible upon close inspection.

The puddle offers the most feminine look with several extra inches of fabric resting on the floor.

Another way to ensure the curtain length barely touches the floor is to seek professional help to get accurate measurements.

2. Update Hardware

A complete home renovation is off the table if your budget is tight. So what other options are you left with?

With limited finances, replacing all faucets, cabinets, or kitchenware is the most effective upgrade.

Other changes include replacing doorknobs, plug covers, or light plates. When elevating the kitchen area, especially the hardware, a bunch of ideas surely help.

Start by picking out the color for the kitchen wall and order several samples to help you reach a final decision. Replace the basic cabinet pulls with the fun repurposed flatware in a contrasting or single-shade pattern.

Buying new fixtures is tiring, especially when you lack sufficient funds; however, before you drive yourself mad, there is a solution.

Instead of buying new, purchase spray paint of your favorite color and paint the old fixtures.

When it comes to renovation, it’s all in the details. When planning on changing the light plates, a few options are available to consider.

Go with contrast; if you are into mystery, paint your light plates in a dark shade. To blend the lights correctly, try matching them with the wallpaper.

Homeowners must understand that paying attention to detail changes the overall outlook of living spaces.

3. Add Greenery

Adding greenery to empty corners is an excellent way to make your place look more lavish. Doing that fills the entire space and gives a high-end look.

Buy a bouquet from a florist or grocery store and place them in different spaces around the house. A tip to keep the flowers fresh for a long time is picking out every flower and making small bunches.

Together, these small-sized bouquets seem more natural than a larger bouquet that showcases it was bought for a special occasion.

If you’re a minimalist, choose large plants, whereas smaller ones portray a more versatile image.

Your home probably looks stuffed due to a lack of arrangement. Grouping greenery in one corner disrupts the overall look of the space.

Try to scatter them around to give your living area room to breathe.

Remember that your plants or flowers create a focal point and draw attention. With that in mind, windows are the ideal spot for hanging or placing greenery, making the windows less bare.

4. Focus on Lighting

Lighting deserves its own heading when trying to make your home look more lavish. Lighting is more than just a means of seeing around; it helps set the mood for a particular space.

If you want to make your home luxurious besides keeping it clean, a few key points to consider when adding lights are creating a focal point and a pool of light, making the space an area of interest.

Some ideas you can work with include using dimmers wherever possible since they change the room’s atmosphere and reduce electricity bills.

Adding an oversized pendant light over the kitchen or dining area is a great way to highlight and illuminate the area because people spend most of their time here.


Several factors contribute to why it’s time your Home finally gets the upgrade it deserves. Though many see home renovation as means of emptying pockets, it is financially rewarding and valuable to the property and the individual’s lifestyle.

Every homeowner, aside from comfort, wants their living space to depict their personality. But this requires time, creativity, effort, and money.

Besides cleaning, adding greenery, updating hardware, and using full-length curtains are some tips that elevate your home and reflect your taste.

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