Footbridge Candiac, Québec / by Lemay

Creating an experience worthy of a lasting memory
With its new footbridge, the City of Candiac, located in the suburbs of Montreal, wished to establish a strong landmark while connecting its northern and southern sectors previously separated by a major highway. As the symbolic entry of this growing city, the footbridge had to be harmoniously integrated into the landscape.

Designed for pedestrians as well as for cyclists, the footbridge draws its originality from an architectural concept that generates a sense of motion and energy, a kinetic and theatrical experience. The effect, for both highway and footbridge users, is created by the superposition of two reversed metal screens, located on either side of this link that spans the highway. The vertical slats provide protective screens that still offer a glimpse of the landscape. Finally, the use of ocher is a reminiscence of the grasses that grow abundantly in the territory.

The footbridge, accessible in both summer and winter, connects two green spaces, i.e. parks Handel and Cherbourg, located on each side of the highway. It offers an alternative for users that wish to reach the shores of the St. Lawrence River without having to take their car. The bridge is an major link of the green network of the Monteregian region.

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