Football Stadium in Dalian, China by UNStudio


Delian Shide FC to build new stadium in their hometown, Delian in China. The stadium will cover 38,500 m2 area to house about 40,000 spectator, TV broadcasting center, administration areas, VIP lounge, players facilities and public concourse. As you can see in the image, the stadium inspired by the colorful layering and overlapping of the ancient Chinese cuju football.

According to Ben van Berkel, “The design of the Dalian Football Stadium is inspired by the classic Chinese football, which was made by layering colored bamboo. For the stadium design, we appropriated this effect to generate a double-layered roof structure. This structure operates as a double concourse enclosure, encircling the tribunes. Splits and openings in between broad bands of the lattice structure enable views from the outside in and from the inside out.”




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