Five Home Improvement Opportunities for 2019

Improving your home is a long-term project; it’s an investment in your living standards that’ll transform your abode into a place of comfort and fun. With each home improvement you’ll also be adding to your home’s value, should you wish to move along the property ladder. This article looks at five areas of a house that you can easily improve in 2019, adding value at the same time as creating more preferable living conditions for you and your family. Each requires an investment of time and effort that’ll provide excellent returns across the course of the future.

1. Green Additions

For the environmentally conscious, living in a green fashion is very important. You might already have taken steps in your lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly, whether that be in using fewer plastics, using your car less, or deciding to cut down your meat intake. But one of the most startlingly easy ways to help the environment is to make green additions to your home in order to save or create your own energy, making sure less is wasted unnecessarily.

The top priority when making green changes to your home is insulation. The energy you lose by trying to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer contributes to the human over-consumption of energy that individuals are currently attempting to rectify in their own small way. Insulation application keeps cool air in when you want it and lets less precious heat out into the atmosphere during the colder months. You might also consider installing solar panels on your roof, creating your own green energy supply.

2. Extensions

The easiest way to increase your home’s square footage is to build an extension onto your property. These often come in the form of a conservatory on the ground floor that serves the dual benefit of adding new living space and creating a beautiful area of natural light in your home. Extensions are both one of the most expensive and disruptive home additions, but also one that will add the most value to your home.

When considering an extension, bear in mind that you’ll need permission from your local authority, as well as the advice of a trusted builder, in order to understand the feasibility of what you have in mind. But if you’ve got the cash, the time, the advice and the permission, it’s wonderful to expand your home, giving you a whole new space in which to play.

3. Wall Configurations

In general, homeowners and house builders are tending towards a new trend in this decade: getting rid of walls in favor of open-plan areas in the downstairs section of their homes. By no means universal, it’s nonetheless a preferred option for those who’d like to open up their living room with their dining room and kitchen. It’s often simply a case of delicately removing walls in order toopen up space for social benefits and an airier feel to your home’s interior.

On the other hand, you might choose to partition off walls to create smaller rooms or to create a different configuration of space on your lower or upper floors. Whether you’re repairing, replacing or erecting new walls, you can compare your local Phoenix drywall repair specialists online to find the right workman to help you in your project.

4. New Furniture

It’s incredible just how much a new set of furniture can change the overall feeling of your home. Many people struggle along with the same chairs, tables,and couches that they’ve had for a decade or more (the same goes for beds and mattresses) without paying all that much heed to the possibility of bringing in new, more comfortable, more stylish and more design-oriented furniture.

Take some dimensions of your rooms and the spaces in which you’d like some new furniture items, and head out to your local dealer in order to find those new pieces that are going to give your home interior a whole new atmosphere. It’s a steep initial investment, but it’s for items that you’ll be using every day, year after year.

5. New Kitchen

Finally, perhaps the most-common room changes in owner homes come in refitted kitchens. That’s because in the past couple of decades we have seen serious improvements in the materials used, and appliances placed, in kitchens.

Whether you’re a fan of in-built espresso machines, elegant taps, wonderfully ergonomic sliding drawers, or simply a darker shade of granite and a lighter wood to adorn your kitchen, you’ll be able to find a dizzying array of improvements to add to your home’s kitchen if you either search online or head to your local kitchen supplies warehouse.

Armed with these tips, you’ll be able to consider a range of home improvements to get stuck into as we slowly approach summer 2019.

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