Five Easy Landscape Changes to Boost Your Property Value

It is estimated that a well maintained garden can add as much as 20 per cent to your property’s value.

As a result, Britain’s homeowners who are looking to sell are sitting up and taking notice. “We are seeing a growing number of homeowners pay attention to the value of their outdoor space,” says Danny Luke, Managing Director of Quick Move Now. “We are definitely seeing more people making the most of outdoor space, regardless of the square footage.”

Whether you’re looking for ways to boost value in hopes of a quick sale or simply want to increase your asking price, paying attention to your landscaping is one easy place to start. Even if you’re not the most green fingered homeowner around, there are a few things you can do either yourself or with the affordable help of a pro to get your garden in tip top condition:

Utilise all available space

If you have a home in a city where outdoor space is typically at a premium, maximising the usable square footage outside is an easy way to upsell it. Even if you’re not in a position to physically expand it, you can make the garden seem bigger by dividing up the space using paving and turf, and by adding layers. You may choose to get rid of flowerbeds or shrubbery that isn’t contributing to the aesthetic, and choose to pave this over and replace the foliage with hanging gardens instead.

Replace the turf

There has been a growing trend towards artificial turf in recent years; a 2015 survey revealed that one in 10 homeowners had installed fake grass (such as astroturf), while one in four had no real grass in the garden at all. As work and Æ’amily commitments take up increasing chunks of our time, many British homeowners are looking for ways to still enjoy some outdoor greenery without having to commit to the maintenance. To save when doing this renovation, carry out the installation yourself.

Install a patio

When the weather decides to cooperate, the great British summertime sees many families heading outdoors to enjoy barbeques and some Pimm’s in the sun. Your garden could benefit substantially from the addition of an alfresco dining area, which can be as something as simple as a paved area with furniture to an outdoor oasis complete with an exterior sound system and lighting.

Create more space

It is estimated that over 4 million Brits now work from home, and so properties that either offer turnkey workspace or the potential to convert and install a home office are in high demand. You could consider adding an orangery or conservatory, or even building a shed or summer house to provide an extra focal point in the garden that also doubles up nicely as practical space.

Think of your buyer demographic

When it comes to selling your home, you want to make it as appealing as possible to prospective buyers, so it’s important to think about who these will be. Are you selling a chic, centrally‐located city pad in which buyers are likely to be busy professionals in want of minimal upkeep? Or is your home in a sprawling country location for which a lush garden with plenty of entertaining space is required? If it’s a semi‐detached family home, ensuring there is plenty of usable space for kids to run around in could be the best choice. Speak with your estate agent and do some market research before committing to your renovation.

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