Felixx Unveils New Eco-Friendly Office Space in Rotterdam

Rotterdam-based agency Felixx is proud to announce the grand opening of its brand-new office space, situated at the former RTV Rijnmond radio and television studio. The spacious office, spanning over 700 m², has been transformed into a vibrant and eco-friendly oasis, resembling a lush green jungle. The innovative design, executed by The Way We Build, showcases their expertise in circular and sustainable building practices, with construction carried out by Den Haan and Flora Nova. Felixx invites everyone to join them for an Open Office Day on June 24 in Rotterdam to celebrate this significant milestone.

Felixx’s Remarkable Growth

As Felixx approaches its 10-year anniversary, it bids farewell to its previous location in Rotterdam’s bustling Vierhaven area, embracing a new chapter of expansion and progress. Over the past decade, Felixx has experienced remarkable growth, fostering a thriving community within the Felixx club. The inauguration of the new office space marks a significant milestone, representing the agency’s commitment to professionalism and creating optimal work and development opportunities. Every aspect of the office embodies Felixx’s core values, reinforcing their motto of “Realizing Happy Environments.”

A Green Haven

Nature takes center stage at Felixx’s new office, seamlessly blending green elements with the urban environment. The office’s flexible layout offers a unique opportunity to curate a natural working environment. Over 25 m² of lush cultivation tables, designed by Felixx, act as green partitions between workstations, promoting a healthy and productive atmosphere. The office kitchen includes space for cultivating herbs and tomatoes, ensuring a fresh supply of ingredients for green and healthy lunches. Thoughtfully selected plants have been strategically placed throughout the office, improving air quality and maintaining optimal humidity levels, contributing to the overall well-being of the workspace.

The Heart of Collaboration: Happy Island

At the heart of Felixx’s office lies the ‘Happy Island,’ distinguished by its green flooring. This central gathering spot features various seating elements, creating an ideal setting for informal discussions, design presentations, drinks, and lectures. The island is adorned with open shelves displaying books, models, and samples, while two advertising columns serve as dynamic showcases, highlighting the work of everyone in the office.

Circularity and Sustainability

Felixx’s new office showcases its commitment to circular and sustainable practices. The building incorporates a double façade that allows for natural ventilation and intelligent sun protection, ensuring optimal comfort and exceptional energy efficiency with an A+++ rating. The interior refurbishment prioritized the use of natural and recycled materials, significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Recycled paper on the ceiling enhances acoustics, while the walls are covered with natural wool felt, creating a cozy environment. The design also incorporates a repurposed kitchen, integrating FSC-certified Finnish spruce wood for the cabinets and walls. Glass partition walls have been created using panels sourced from the former tax office in Utrecht, demonstrating innovative reuse and sustainability.


Felixx’s new office space represents a significant milestone for the agency, as it embraces growth and showcases its commitment to sustainability and creating happy environments. With its green jungle-like atmosphere, versatile workstations, and collaborative ‘Happy Island,’ the office provides an optimal work environment for Felixx’s thriving community. The circular and sustainable design elements integrated into the building reflect the agency’s dedication to reducing its ecological footprint. By inviting everyone to the Open Office Day in Rotterdam, Felixx eagerly shares its accomplishment and welcomes visitors to experience the green oasis firsthand.

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